Brian Sutherland


Brian Sutherland has 33 years of experience ranging from startup to enterprise. He was an early technology evangelist to engineering consulting services. Within the American electric utility industry, he led initiatives to transform them from the age of paper into the digital age, working directly with global architect and engineering firms like Impell, Bechtel and Sargent, and Lundy. Brian’s technical leadership in new engineering and computer automation contributed to companies being successfully capitalized such as Impell by Combustion Engineering and then by ABB.

He joined business process consultant Gensys Corp. before their successful acquisition by UESC. He led and participated in business process re-engineering initiatives for the Department of Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric, Commonwealth Edison, Ontario Hydro and Los Alamos National Labs. Brian was also a founding partner at Decision Design Corp, a software development and consulting company, and subsequently formed Highland Solutions in 1998.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from California Polytechnic University.