Creatio Consulting Services

Transform the way you manage prospect and customer relationships

Looking for a reliable Creatio partner that reviews your specific requirements and provides strategic guidance on how you can use Creatio to reach your goals better and faster … and then implements it for you?

We’re ready to help you succeed!

At Highland, we custom-configure effective Creatio solutions that are tailored to your customers, users, and growth. We focus on getting all business processes and systems working together, streamlining workflows, and enabling data-driven reporting so you’ll be better positioned to take your business to the next level.

Why Creatio

We believe business management solutions should drive change and accelerate processes of any size company or business model. Creatio is one of the very few platforms on the market that meets this requirement and much more.

  • Freedom

    As a no-code/low-code CRM, Creatio enables you to create any digital workflow you want with the maximum degree of automation.

  • Unified CRM

    Manage and synchronize all customer-facing processes for marketing, sales, and customer support, in a single platform.

  • Visibility

    Leverage analytics to track leads, measure lead engagement, and accelerate lead-to-revenue, lead to repeat sales, and customer service delivery.

  • Process-Driven

    Creatio provides not only process design and execution, but also the ability to monitor, identify, and eliminate process bottlenecks – allowing you to continuously optimize.

Not familiar with Creatio?

We’ll help you get acquainted!

Business Process Mapping & Strategy

We learn your needs, goals, and pain points to develop a comprehensive Creatio CRM strategy that will bring measurable value to business.

  • Assess and identify top priorities and requirements across marketing, service, and sales teams

  • Identify ways to streamline your day-to-day workflows with a standardized process management model

  • Consider all components across design, configuration, migration, integration, and reporting

  • Discuss what is needed to grow sales, market your business, manage customer orders, and more

  • Determine which Creatio applications and features are best suited for your growing business needs

Creatio Design & Configuration

Our team optimizes the design, custom-configuration, and setup of your Creatio platform to enhance sales, marketing, and service strategies, improve collaboration, and help you reach your business’s full potential.

  • Configure a modern, intuitive user interface that’s relevant to each team’s needs

  • Create repeatable, automated processes that improve operational productivity and scalability

  • Implement customized templates, add-ons, forms, and modules that meet your unique needs

  • Design for greater cross-functional communication, consistency, and data sharing

  • Adhere to a unified CRM approach that centers around your ideal customer journey across marketing, sales, and service functions

  • Validate that your entire CRM software is on track to achieve your desired results

Integration Development

We’ll integrate Creatio with other applications in order to eliminate silos across systems – developing a single source of truth that helps you gain comprehensive visibility to drive more efficient daily operations.

  • Integrate Creatio with your ERP, social media channels, email marketing tool, customer portals, and websites

  • Build a seamless connection across sales and marketing activities to better manage your end-to-end lead cycle

  • Automate communication by syncing Creatio with internal tools like Slack, email, and calendars

  • Build applications or new APIs if needed to connect with additional technologies

Data Migration & Reporting

Our team examines data across your databases, cleans, and migrates it into your Creatio solution to create reports that tap into your historic data – enabling you to make insight-driven decisions that support revenue growth.

  • Build customized reports to analyze the depth of information stored inside your CRM

  • Get a historically complete and accurate customer journey view to make predictions about the future

  • Track your overall sales pipeline and segment across nurture channels

  • Create a single, 360° view of customers, prospects, suppliers, and more

  • Design easy-to-read dashboards that visually showcase data in action

User Training & Onboarding

Our team delivers in-depth training or short training sessions for employees, accelerating user adoption and use of your new Creatio solution.

  • Ensure a smooth transition onto your new platform with in-person or remote training catered to every department

  • Train team members how to adjust business processes, forms, and modules to fit new needs

  • Leverage easy-to-understand tutorials as a reference for future questions or internal onboarding

Platform Support & Upgrades

After your Creatio platform is in use, we provide ongoing support any time you need help with maintenance, upgrades, and other configuration enhancements and technological requirements.

  • Define ongoing feedback and enhancement cycles for maintaining and improving Creatio

  • Monitor user adoption and performance metrics to ensure your system is meeting your goals

  • Resolve issues if they come up over time

  • Introduce new Creatio products and configurations to the mix

Highland is a Certified Creatio Partner

Being a Certified Creatio Integrator Partner means that we have met the most advanced certification requirements set by Creatio and have expertise in business process management (bpm) excellence leveraging Creatio’s no-code/ low-code platform.

Our team is highly experienced in leading digital transformation projects and we are subject matter experts in marketing, service, and sales automation. With our help, you’ll be able to get the most out of Creatio to build more meaningful customer relationships and improve the ROI of your platform.

Our Creatio strategy and implementation process

Our process is built to reduce stress, save time, and provide expert guidance to move the needle in your organization.


- Meet the team Define goals and success measures for the engagement
- Review requirements
- Draft scope together
- List what features, forms, automations, dashboards, and integrations are must-have and nice-to-have
- How we work together
- Set initial milestones and dates

Design & Configure

- Deep analysis into your business operating model and specified Creatio requirements
- Draw process and data flow diagrams
- Identify data elements to track
- Discuss integrations as appropriate
- Commence initial design and configuration of Creatio: workspaces, forms, automations, integrations, and dashboards


- Ongoing configuration of Creatio: workspaces, forms, automations, integrations, and dashboards
- Demo and feedback cycles
- Scope check against must-have list
- Core team begins UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in Creatio

Launch/ Adoption

- Core team training and workshops
- Data migration (if applicable)
- User onboarding
- Transition to ongoing feedback and enhancement cycles

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