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Looking for experts that can review your business needs and make a strategic assessment on how you can use to power up your operations… and then set it up for you?

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At Highland, we develop comprehensive solutions that empower your teams to work more efficiently, make processes that were previously manual – effortless and automated, and create a single source of truth so you can focus on strategic planning, agility, and business growth.


We believe business management solutions should be robust, easy to use, and cost-effective. is one of the very few CRM systems that meet these requirements and much more.

  • Flexibility

    Move fast and act on operational needs by creating and shaping your own workflows.

  • Transparency

    Gain visibility at every level of your organization to ensure alignment with common goals and operating standards.

  • Collaboration

    Bridge silos and communication gaps across teams, departments, geographies, and hierarchies.

  • Easy Adoption works for you (not the other way around), making the tool easy and enjoyable to use.

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Business Process Mapping & Strategy

Our team meets with all stakeholders to review processes, goals, and challenges you're looking to solve to make work for your unique business context.

  • Assess, identify, and define top priorities and requirements across marketing, project management, customer support, and sales teams

  • Discover ways to improve in-house communication, collaboration, and data sharing across marketing, service, and sales teams

  • Map and establish standardized marketing, service, PM, and sales processes that streamline workflows, increase turnaround time, and reduce human error

  • Consider all components across design, customization, migration, dashboards, permission management, and integration

  • Strategize a framework that validates your ability to increase ease of use and team productivity Design & Configuration

Design and Config.

We’ll design a system blueprint with both functional and technical requirements to configure a solution that enables you to better visualize, collaborate, and plan with your team.

  • Shape a user-friendly, convenient database with drag-and-drop functionality so teams can solve problems faster, instantly adapt, and continually improve

  • Custom-configure your user interface, items, subitems, forms, and formulas that align with your unique needs

  • Create easy to use, flexible templates and widgets that display key information and are easy to modify

  • Build process automation, connected dependencies, and required notifications so you spend less time doing things manually

  • Deploy CRM templates with the focused CRM features you need to effectively capture leads, track sales pipelines, and nurture new leads

Integration Development

We’ll integrate with your unique operating processes and tech ecosystem to build a seamless flow of data and information that helps you drive more efficient daily operations.

  • Build and connect with apps that are tailored to your exact use cases

  • Integrate with your social media channels, email marketing tool, customer portals, websites, and other tools like Salesforce, PipeDrive, and Hubspot

  • Automate communication by syncing with internal tools like Slack, Jira, email, and calendars

  • Build applications or new APIs if needed to connect with additional technologies

  • Build an intuitive, connected experience on the iPhone and Android mobile app so you can follow-up on the go

Data Migration & Reporting

From moving your existing database and multiple spreadsheets into to building a single, centralized view into real-time tracking and advanced reporting, we’ll make sure you’re able to take charge of data insights.

  • Consolidate and aggregate prospect and customer data in a rolled up view to make data analysis and contact management easier

  • Gain an “overall picture” of what’s happening across teams

  • Build an array of customized Kanban boards and Gantt charts to better understand leads and deals in progress

  • Measure project, campaign, and sales management effectiveness by incorporating reporting KPIs

  • Track your pre and post sales management activities to empower forecasting for the future

User Training & Onboarding

Our team delivers tailored training and onboarding programs to accelerate adoption and use of your new solution.

  • Get in-person or remote training catered to every department

  • Keep easy-to-understand tutorials to utilize as a reference for future questions or internal onboarding

Platform Support & Upgrades

After we’ve set up, we provide ongoing support any time you need help with maintenance, upgrades, and other configuration enhancements and technological requirements.

  • Define ongoing feedback and enhancement cycles for maintaining and improving

  • Monitor user adoption and performance metrics to ensure your system is meeting your goals

  • Provide answers and resolution if issues come up

  • Introduce new apps and configurations to the mix

Highland is a Certified Gold Partner

Being a Certified Gold Partner for means that we have met the most advanced certification requirements set by and have expertise in implementations, customizations, and integrations.

Our team is highly experienced in leading digital transformation projects and we are subject matter experts in marketing, service, and sales automation. With our help, you’ll be able to better leverage's Work OS and CRM solution products, unlock your team's potential, and improve the ROI of your platform.

Our strategy and implementation process

Our process is built to reduce stress, save time, and provide expert guidance to move the needle in your organization.


- Meet the team
- Define goals and success measures for the engagement
- Review requirements
- Draft scope together
- Which boards, forms, automations, dashboards, integrations are “Must Have” and which are “Nice to Have”
- How we work together
- Set initial milestones and dates

Design & Configure

- Deep dive into the business operating model and requirements specific to the utilization of
- Draw process and data flow diagrams
- Identify data elements to track
- Discuss integrations as appropriate
- Commence initial configuration of Workspaces, Boards, Forms, Automations, Integrations and Dashboards to address requirements from design sessions


- Ongoing configuration of Workspaces, Boards, Forms, Automations, Integrations, and Dashboards to address requirements from design sessions
- Demo and feedback cycles
- Scope check against “Must Have” list
- Core team begins UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in

Launch / Adoption

- Core team training & workshops
- Data migration (if applicable)
- User onboarding
- Transition to ongoing feedback/enhancement cycles

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