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SugarCRM Consulting Services

Revolutionize the way you market, sell and serve your customers

Looking for SugarCRM experts who not only deliver custom-configured CRM platforms but also provide strategic ideas and recommendations to help you save time and money… and then deploy it for you?

We have you covered!

At Highland, we are a group of passionate consultants who re-define your CRM initiative to enable long-term business value. Our optimized SugarCRM solutions empower lead generation and customer retention activities, improve interdepartmental communication, and elevate data insights so you can focus on marketing, selling, and serving your customers.

Why SugarCRM

We believe business management software should make customer experience management easier. SugarCRM is a top-rated, market-leading platform that meets this requirement and much more.

  • Flexibility

    Instead of being forced into a standard solution with all the common limitations, you get a platform built around your needs and workflows.

  • Integration

    Connect seamlessly with all departments and any desired software to create the single source of truth you need to build business process efficiency.

  • Visibility

    Instantly see all the relevant information about customers and prospects, including past, present, and even future (with predictive insights).

  • No busy work

    SugarCRM works for you (not the other way around), converting manual work into automated process, alerts, and routing.

Not familiar with SugarCRM?

We’ll help you get acquainted!

Business Process Mapping & Strategy

Our team reviews your needs, goals, and challenges you’re looking to solve to ensure we make SugarCRM work for your unique business context.

  • Assess and identify top priorities and requirements across marketing, customer support, and sales teams

  • Discover ways to increase and improve in-house communication, collaboration, and data sharing

  • Consider all components across design, customization, migration, dashboards, and integration

  • Pinpoint methods to better streamline and maximize marketing, service, and sales processes

  • Strategize a SugarCRM framework that can be scaled for your growing business needs

  • Document your wish-list of reports and dashboards that propel data-driven decision making

SugarCRM Design & Configuration

We ensure that SugarCRM adds more value across your teams by designing, custom-configuring, and implementing all you need to efficiently engage with customers and prospects in order to build more meaningful relationships.

  • Custom-configure your user interface, data structure, modules, dashboards, and workflows to increase convenience and usability

  • Craft automated business processes so you spend less time doing things manually 

  • Design and implement intuitive marketing campaign management across email, events, and social media

  • Standardize and build contact, opportunity, and account management, as well as lead routing and scoring models

  • Develop a connected system across sales and marketing to better acquire, nurture, qualify, and convert leads

  • Validate that your entire CRM software is on track to improve marketing effectiveness and close more deals

Integration Development

We’ll integrate SugarCRM with other applications to eliminate silos across systems and develop a single source of truth that helps you gain comprehensive visibility, drive efficient daily operations, and generate more sales.

  • Integrate SugarCRM with your email, ERP, telephony platform, customer portals, and websites

  • Build a seamless connection across Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve to collaborate across teams

  • Build a seamless, connected experience on the mobile app

  • Develop new APIs if needed to connect with additional technologies

Data Migration & Reporting

Our team migrates legacy business solutions and databases to SugarCRM, and modify how data is stored to launch new user-friendly dashboards that help you keep tabs on performance.

  • Build customized reports to analyze the depth of information stored inside your CRM database

  • Get a historically complete and accurate customer journey view to make predictions about the future

  • Track your sales pipeline and increase your ability to strategically segment

  • Measure campaign effectiveness and lead tracking across email, text, events, and social media

  • Craft high-level views of sales leads and multiple marketing campaigns in order to drive focused decisions

User Training & Onboarding

Our team delivers in-depth training or short training sessions for end users, accelerating user adoption and use of your new SugarCRM solution.

  • Get in-person or remote training catered to every department

  • Keep easy-to-understand tutorials to utilize as a reference for future questions or internal onboarding

Platform Support & Upgrades

After your SugarCRM platform is in use, we provide ongoing support any time you need help with maintenance, upgrades, and other configuration enhancements and technological requirements.

  • Define ongoing feedback and enhancement cycles for maintaining and improving SugarCRM

  • Monitor user adoption and performance metrics to ensure your system is meeting your goals

  • Resolve issues if they come up over time

  • Introduce new SugarCRM add-ons and configurations to the mix

Highland is an Elite SugarCRM partner

Being an Elite Partner for SugarCRM means that we have met the most advanced certification requirements set by Sugar and have expertise in SugarCRM implementations, customizations, and integrations.

Our team is highly experienced in leading digital transformation projects and we are subject matter experts in marketing, service, and sales automation. With our help, you’ll be able to better leverage your SugarCRM products, build extraordinary customer experiences, and improve the ROI of your platform.

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