Customer Service Management

Enhance your ability to track, manage, and solve support cases while rolling up all customer data into a reliable, aggregated view

Good customer service is strategically critical for customer retention and loyalty. In order to achieve this, you need effective, cohesive customer service strategies that are transformed into a comprehensive, reliable tool.

At Highland, we have the expertise you need to improve the way you support customers, harmonize your organization’s communications with customers, automate value-added tasks, and deploy across an all-in-one customer management solution.

Customer Service Strategy & Consulting

A successful customer service strategy is a result of focusing on customer happiness. We analyze current strategies and processes to build a company-wide vision that puts customers first – making customer care personalized and positive.

  • Define opportunities to build a customer-first mindset across teams and processes

  • Identify all customer touchpoints and map out how they feed into your full customer journey

  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, churn, and existing pain points

  • Discover ways you can improve your service, allocate staff accordingly, and prevent customer issues

  • Make customer touchpoints accessible with features like self service and online contact forms

  • Align team goals with larger business objectives: customer retention and satisfaction, and lifetime value

Design, Configuration, & Development

We select, design, and custom configure your service management or customer relationship management (CRM) software – Creatio,, or SugarCRM – to create strategic interconnectivity and dynamic engagement between you and your customers. We will build all you need to visualize and act on these relationships in real time.

  • Implement a platform that facilitates optimized business processes and customer experience

  • Modernize your ability to assign, manage, route, and track customer support cases

  • Launch new pre-defined templates with flexible drag and drop functionality 

  • Integrate with your helpdesk, call center software, and online contact forms

  • Configure a full-featured mobile app to stay on top of tasks no matter where you are

  • Audit system post-launch to update and upgrade on an ongoing basis

Omni-Channel Workflow Management

Phone, email, social media, chatbots – whatever the contact channel, we build standardized, interconnected workflows that empower your service reps with the tools and authority they need to manage, support, and provide extraordinary customer support.

  • Create open, collaborative workflows to unify and share knowledge

  • Automate tasks and routing sequences to expedite your entire customer support management system

  • Develop a consistent process to manage all customer interactions (customer questions, requests, and escalations)

  • Populate data from contact form submissions into your customer management software support queues

  • Roll up all cross-channel interactions, requests, notes, and events into a reliable, aggregated view

Data Management & Analysis

In order to make data-driven decisions on how to improve the way you serve customers, you need a software solution that consolidates all customer data and service management workflows into user-friendly, interactive reports.

  • Launch a single, centralized repository of customer information and historical interactions

  • Convert data into multi-level reports, increasing visibility into customer insights and trends

  • Set reporting KPIs to analyze and improve your customer success strategy

  • Monitor customer service operation metrics including case response and resolution times and volumes

Agent Onboarding & Training

Our team delivers tailored training programs to accelerate adoption of your new strategy and customer management solution. We ensure your customer service representatives are empowered and prepared to meet customer needs.

  • Increase use with multi-level training catered to every department

  • Quickly adapt customer service teams to new changes across workflows and technology

  • Devise an orientation program and user manual to onboard future, new customer support agents

Platform Support

We’ll stay with you after your new platform goes live to address users’ feedback, and make sure the system has met strategic requirements, and is tracking to reach projected ROI.

  • Audit system and implement updates and upgrades on an ongoing basis

  • Respond to ongoing maintenance and technical issues

  • Organize recurring meetings with teams to report progress and evolve your software solution

Ready to take your business to the next level?

CRM Technologies We Deploy

Highland is a certified partner of 3 CRM tech giants and is ready to provide platform-based consulting, configuration, and implementation services for startups, small businesses, and enterprises.

  • Creatio is a low-code solution for business process management, CRM, and customer service management. It helps businesses increase operational bandwidth to accelerate marketing, sales, and service by aligning data and processes.

  • is a cloud-based agile work operating platform that helps teams work without limits. It helps teams stay organized, manage all projects in one space, and increase organizational efficiency.

  • SugarCRM is a cloud-based application for sales, service, marketing automation, and customer relationship management needs. It helps sales, marketing, and services teams collaborate on improving your business’s customer experience.

"What sets Highland apart from competitors is that they’re more interested in what’s important for me. They’re interested in me as a business rather than me as a customer, which makes all the difference."

- Jeff Dordick, VP of Sales at Barron Designs

"They took the time to learn our process upfront, so their input is invaluable. They’ve made phenomenal changes and recommendations. They’re incredibly responsive and supportive.  Their mission is to make us successful, which is sometimes rare in a partner in the tech industry."

- Senior Vice President of Security Company

"Adoption of the CRM across the sales organization has been high. That’s a testament to not only the CRM but also Highland’s ability to map the solution to our existing processes. Their team did a really nice job supporting and training our sales folks."

- Andy Drummond, EVP at Robertshaw Controls

Our differentiators

  • Fit-for-Purpose Solutions

    We start with a thorough assessment of all systems and processes that tie into your customer service management operations to design a solution that’s fit-for-your-purpose: your industry, support teams, and goals.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    By working with end customers in mind, we develop solutions that instill employee focus on customer experience – enabling all teams to simply deliver on your customer loyalty and growth strategy.

  • Intelligent Automaton

    Engraining intelligent automation will help you better manage your entire customer service and support process – making your work simpler, more collaborative, and more efficient.

  • Treat the Root Cause

    We don’t just build a CRM, we start with your customer service management strategy and workflows to first treat the root causes of current problems and implement improvements that prevent them from happening again.

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