CRM Deployment Checklist

Your new CRM system is built and ready to deploy—or is it?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be an incredibly helpful tool to help you reach your strategic business needs and goals, while streamlining business process workflows.

Implementing a new system is a large task for any organization to take on, but given the right preparation, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking!

A great deal of work and planning goes into the CRM implementation process. It is always a good idea to have a checklist to make sure all bases are covered before deployment to ensure your CRM success.

There are many things you can do as a deployment manager or deployment administrator to make the most of your customer-centric strategy with a CRM deployment process. Review our list of best practices for rolling your new CRM system out to users. We include tips on:

  • How to check functionality is working through troubleshooting across desktop and mobile devices

  • How to ensure data integrity, especially when migrating from spreadsheets to an all-in-one CRM data center

  • How to check for user authentication with IT staff before onboarding teams

  • Assess tool integration across third party tools like Microsoft Office, Outlook, instant messenger apps, and more

  • Training for marketing, service, and sales teams

  • Ways to involve your team in the process to continuously evolve and update user experience and your CRM solution