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Creating a Powerful Digital Front Door Experience

Live webinar


From Amazon to Netflix, digital technology has radically transformed the consumer experience in multiple industries, delivering a new level of personalization, convenience and ease of use. Healthcare organizations who choose to embrace this digital-first strategy will gain a distinct competitive advantage by increasing patient engagement and retention, and improving health outcomes.

Many terms are being used within the healthcare industry to describe this transformation of the patient experience. One that is most used is the Digital Front Door. The term is somewhat misleading, given that it implies no more than a digital entry point for patients. However, it should be seen as the extension of the thoughtful care experience you give patients in person when visiting a physical clinic or hospital.  It’s more than a single app or patient portal – it is the intentional alignment of all interactions between you, your patients, and care teams.

In this webinar, we’ll explore a new and expanded definition of the Digital Front Door: a proactive, patient-centric strategy that digitally meets patients where they are, providing them with the information and care they need at each touchpoint through their entire care journey.

Join us as we dive into how to create an impactful Digital Front Door.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • The new, expanded definition  of Digital Front Door

  • Results from current, common approaches to Digital Front Door strategy

  • A new awareness of the importance of systematically gathering and analyzing patient insights to launch a robust Digital Front Door strategy 

  • How this new concept delivers an integrated, highly personalized experience that connects to functional, emotional, and social patient needs 

  • Expected results in launching this new Digital Front Door strategy 

  • Real world example on how Children’s Wisconsin hospital took on this transformation

Meet the Presenters:

David Whited is a Design Researcher, strategist, and facilitator. After ten years as a leader in higher education, David transitioned into the world of Design Research with a desire to help mission-driven organizations understand the deepest unmet needs of people they are trying to serve while testing their own hallowed assumptions. Most recently, he has been spending a lot of time listening to stories of patients and families in children’s hospitals and helping other healthcare organizations design powerful patient experiences to focus their limited resources on the right things.

David Whited Director, Design Research & Strategy At Highland

Justin Wu is a Design Researcher, a strategist, and designer with a background in cultural anthropology. After consulting for large, legacy organizations across a number of different industries and showing them the impact of qualitative research and insights, he is now focused on leveraging research and design to create ethical and equitable impact.

Justin Wu Senior Design Researcher At Highland