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Digital Innovation & Product Development

Your all-in-one partner: from insights to in-market

Digital innovation doesn’t start with technology. It starts with inventing more creative, effective, and efficient ways to meet user needs.

Transformation comes with unforgettable user experiences that leave your customers and business changed for the better.

We’re an all-in-one digital innovation partner from insights to
in-market, working with mission-driven organizations to create transformational digital products and experiences.

Group presenting findings to an audience.

What we do

We deliver results by integrating Research, Design & Build in small, focused teams.


Through the Design Thinking methodology, we uncover unmet, unexpressed, and latent user and customer needs that crystalize into opportunities for new products, services, and experiences. Our research process culminates in a clear and targeted strategy that directs your design efforts.

  • Exploratory Design Research

    We observe and define the what and why behind your target audience’s behaviors to gain paradigm-shifting insights. These help inform how potential products and services should connect with users or customers on a deeper level–while leapfrogging competition.

  • Co-Creation Research

    We generate solutions with end users and customers, making them extensions of our team. Through co-creation, we confirm that the opportunity is real, and identify how new products or services can best address unmet needs in their real-life context.

  • Innovation Strategy

    We translate insights into growth opportunity frameworks that chart new service or digital product strategies with guiding principles, design directives, new value propositions, identified target markets, and business models.


We create digital products and services that deliver value by focusing on the quality and thoughtfulness of digital experience design, interaction design, visual design, and integration with your brand’s promise.

  • Service Design

    Our design team helps you gain a true, end-to-end understanding of your service offering across offline and online touchpoints, channels, and interactions. In doing so, we expose gaps and create more cohesive, competitive, and relevant user and customer experiences.

  • UX Research

    By continually testing and observing how target users interact with emerging concepts, we uncover how they think, feel, and act in response. We ensure digital product success by pinpointing design opportunities that center around users’ actions, goals, and desires.

  • UX/UI Design & Iteration

    We translate insights into growth opportunity frameworks that chart new service or digital product strategies with guiding principles, design directives, new value propositions, identified target markets, and business models.


Our team builds market-leading front-end and back-end digital products that combine human insight, product strategy, UX design, technical requirements, and usability. We’ll develop a scalable architecture that meets your emergent business goals.

  • Product Strategy

    We build software solutions that are viable in the marketplace and deliver long-term value to your organization and users. Our product team covers all components from technology mapping to user workflows to framework design to custom APIs.

  • Functional Product Prototyping

    Our software developers build user-centric web apps that meet intricate business models. We are experts in Laravel, Vue.js, PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more. We’ll conduct quality assurance with automated testing and user testing to reduce risk and costs.

  • Digital Product Design & Development

    We develop reliable, performant iOS and Android mobile applications that create consistent, user-friendly digital experiences. Our offerings include native apps, hybrid cross-platform apps, enterprise mobile apps, and progressive web apps.

How we work

For the last 10 years, Highland has honed our craft to deliver better results, using an integrated approach and a multi-disciplinary team with all the skills required to create new digital products that deliver real customer value.

  • Uncovering market opportunities through behavioral research and synthesis

  • Crafting a design strategy that unlocks opportunities for bottom-line growth

  • Rapidly designing and iterating on solutions that delight customers and users

  • Building software and solutions that ensure sustained innovation

Colorful graphic show Highland's unique approach to researching, designing & building innovative products, with essential business case components included throughout.

"Highland surpassed expectations, delivering a product that was much more advanced than anticipated. They went above and beyond in gathering all the requirements and turning them into something tangible."

Katherin Munz, Head of Marketing & New Product Development at Genioo

"I’m most impressed by their business analytics. Their team helped us focus on the business problem we needed to solve and their deliverables are incredibly helpful to the development of our product line. Highland was extremely professional throughout the process, from developing the MVP to testing the prototype with consumers."

John Fraser, CEO of Treatment

"They’re very personal, engaged, and they get the job done quickly. We came to them with the idea and they helped solidify the project and get it off the ground from concept to branding to financial planning to development and integrations."

- Dean of Program Development & Innovation at Northern Seminary

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Industries we serve

We work with a wide variety of organizations while having specialized expertise in industries we know well.

Activate a patient-centric healthcare experience with digital solutions that engage. We research and design true provider-patient engagement models that make a real impact across health outcomes and well-being.

Transform the way you discover, create, design, and launch pediatric patient experience strategies and digital health technology to better serve children, and their families and caregivers.

Innovate the core of your financial services with fintech solutions that are powerful, secure, and long-lasting. Whether it be banking apps or financial apps, we design for market disruption and true end-to-end user experiences.

Conquer business growth and market disruption by developing brand new value propositions that extend beyond insurance products and into your customers’ everyday well-being


Launch dynamic learning experiences that grab attention, foster focus, and encourage student participation with tailored edTech and eLearning solutions that create a culture of academic success.

Corporate Innovation

Our latest insights

Mapping Digital Innovation Projects: Comparing Successful & Unsuccessful Digital Product Launches

This white paper examines traits that make digital products succeed (and not succeed), and identifies the most critical stages of digital product development that drive true impact in your business and with users or customers.

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