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We created Highland Academy to teach busy practitioners the skills they need to become customer-focused innovation leaders.

Whether you're training a new innovation team or transitioning to a new role in digital or CX, Highland empowers you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

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They’re genuine. I’ve worked with many consultants where that isn’t the case. They’re experts in their field, and the entire team is professional.
Bipin Jayaraj
Chief Information Officer, Make-A-Wish America

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We've been frustrated by digital innovation resources that claim to teach you new skills but stay at a theoretical level.

That's why our expert-led online courses are matched with downloadable resources that help you put theory into practice.

See our course offerings
Highland's training is invaluable. They made sure our team had the skills we needed to lead design sprints and innovation projects on our own.
Scott Stern
Director of Innovation & Insights, American Marketing Association

Our course offerings (for now)

Guided Storytelling & Experience Mapping

You only need to talk to 5-8 people in a customer segment to gather 80% of the insights you need to understand their situation.

We'll show you how to apply Guided Storytelling & Experience Mapping to extract valuable and impactful insights around key customer segments.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Frame and execute valuable Experience Mapping research
  • Perform Guided Storytelling interviews that reliably produce insights
  • Deliver research results that help your organization move forward with confidence

Register by June 5, 2020 to join our next cohort!

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Meet the instructors

David Whited

Director, CX Practice

Charissa Shelton

Lead Experience Designer

Daniel Santrella

Lead Experience Designer

We're taking our customer research and digital strategy work and turning it inside out, sharing the templates and tools we use on our own projects so CX practitioners can work with confidence and clarity.​
David Whited
Director, CX Practice, Highland Solutions

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