Cohort Course Syllabus

Guided Storytelling & Experience Mapping

Session One

  • Produce learning goals that focus your research efforts and align with business strategy
  • Identify the best qualitative research tool to accomplish your learning goals
  • Apply guided storytelling and experience mapping methodologies to a surprisingly wide variety of problems
  • Recruit, train, and launch an effective research team (even in settings where research skills are sparse)

Cohort Activity: Think of an area or opportunity your business would like to learn more about. Identify the right target segment for that area, create learning goals, and clarify the point-of-view your team is seeking to understand.

Cohort activities are designed to apply learnings to your own context. During each session, you will gett instructor feedback on the activity in smaller breakout groups.

Session Two

  • Understand how to identify and recruit participants
  • Prepare screener surveys for interview participants
  • Recognize how to easefully manage the logistics of sourcing and scheduling interviews
  • Write field guides for Guided Storytelling interviews

Cohort Activity: Create a participant screener and sourcing plan; craft a first draft field guide for test interviews. Out of session, schedule two participants to interview.

Session Three

  • Practice conducting and capturing information during interviews
  • Implement templates to code an interview for analysis
  • Collect new and existing data and assemble a packet of data for team analysis

Cohort Activity: Curate existing data and code interview data for assembly into a data packet for analysis

Session Four

  • Apply techniques on how to facilitate a team-based analysis/mapping session
  • Illustrate interview insights in an artifact to distribute to the organization

Cohort Activity: Conduct a mapping session and create a rough draft of an artifact for distribution

Session Five

  • Demonstrate how to organize for action in response to the insights gained from Guided Storytelling and the resulting Experience Map

Cohort Activity: Review Experience Map and interview learnings; facilitate strategy session


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