Working with Highland

Your journey from big idea to big impact

Participants at an event held at the Highland offices.
Highlander and CX expert Charissa Morgan talking with a client.

1. Connect & Clarify

You have lots of ideas. Maybe you want to build a new product, improve an existing service, or design a completely new experience for the people you serve.

Before you decide to work with Highland, we’ll meet with you to share honest feedback on your idea. This usually involves grabbing coffee a Highland team member who is most suited to help you. We'll ask thoughtful questions, provide guidance, and steer you in the direction of work that we think will lead to the greatest impact.

If we’re the right fit, then these meetings are the moment when you realize that we understand your idea and we’re able to make it happen. If that’s the case, we'll develop a budget, draw up a scope of work, and schedule a kick-off meeting.

Highlanders collaborating on a product mapping exercise.

2. Learn & Strategize

We start each project with learning. This allows the Highlanders on your team to get to know your business, your customers, and your goals.

For Customer Experience projects like Customer Journey Mapping and Jobs to Be Done research, we'll use this opportunity to dive deep into your customers' social, emotional, and functional needs. We’ll give you concrete recommendations for how you can better serve your customers and win more of their business. We live for the ah-ha moments where clarity is achieved, connection is cultivated, and business strategy aligns with the needs of your customers.

When design and development comes into the picture, learning is just the beginning. We'll use these valuable customer insights as a foundation to help you validate business concepts, prototype new ideas, and bring products and services to life.

3. Design

Design is where your ideas start to become real. We use cost-effective methods, practical tools, and realistic guidance to help organizations make sure they're building the right thing before launching or enhancing a product or service.

Our design process helps our clients:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Understanding low-risk ways to test their assumptions
  • Gathering an initial understanding of the technical constraints impacting their product or services
Outsystems developers reviewing code. Collaboration is key in Highland development culture.

4. Build

Our team of full-stack developers can build almost anything. And our talented product managers will make all of our research stays top of mind so we stay focused on building something of value.

We build a wide range of digital products including:

  • Web & mobile apps
  • Multi-tenant custom platforms
  • Revenue-generating digital products

We use rapid prototyping and agile processes to continuously build and test — which means that your software will keep getting better as we build.

We use rapid prototyping to help you narrow in on the ideal digital solution through a series of "learning loops" that include user testing and concept validation

A client leading a joint team to better understanding of their organization during a Highland exercise.

5. Grow & Mature

It's not about projects, it's about relationships. Whether we helped you bring a new product into the world or did research to improve an existing service, we love forming long-term partnerships with our clients that are designed to help them achieve their organizational goals.

Partner with us

At Highland, we research, design, and build digital products and experiences for customer-centric companies and mission-driven organizations. For over 20 years, our team of designers, developers, and strategists have helped organizations turn their biggest uncertainties into opportunities for growth.

We've built and launched over 268 digital products, and we'd love to help you take your idea from dream to delivered. Ready to get started? Get in touch.