Apr 24, 2019 2 min read

4 Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning Your CRM

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Elizabeth Mankowski

Elizabeth Mankowski
Director, Business Solutions Practice

Many of us like to clean out our closets, ditching last season’s clothes and putting away our snow boots until next winter. I cleaned off my bookshelves and donated five (!) boxes of books to a local nonprofit a few weeks ago.

While our team holds mixed opinions on Marie Kondo’s methods, we do recommend a healthy dose of spring cleaning for your CRM.

Here are a few small things you can do to spruce up your SugarCRM.

1. Review the list of active CRM users

Are all these folks still at your organization and working in the same role? Have you hired new team members who need CRM access? If you find you need additional SugarCRM licenses, Highland can help!

2. Review your Account data

Do you have duplicate records that can be merged? If you need separate “Sold To” and “Ship To” accounts with the same name, do you have another way to clearly identify these different record types for your team members?

3. Review your Opportunity and Pipeline data

Set up a Dashboard or scheduled report to keep tabs on those Opportunities where the Expected Close Date was last month but the status is still Open.

The effort to keep up with Opportunity status and dates will pay dividends on the reporting end, when sales execs can see at a glance that the pipeline is up to date and accurate. Your sales meetings will run more smoothly with a bit of up-front effort.

4. Work with your reps to clean up Dashboards and Reports

Remove any that are not being used. Your internal CRM Admin can provide assistance to set up new Dashboards and/or Reports to answer daily, weekly, and monthly tracking questions. Build Dashboards that help your team zero in on today’s high-priority tasks quickly. Highland’s CRM Specialists are here to help with the advanced configuration of Reports and Dashboards.

I hope some of these simple CRM spring cleaning tips leave you with a technology solution that sparks joy.

If you have any SugarCRM questions you think Highland might be able to help with, don’t hesitate to reach out.