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Materion and Highland collaborating during an on-site exercise.
A screencap Materion's SugarCRM build that was architected together with Highland.

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Whether you need to build a new CRM from scratch or are ready to take your customer experience platform to the next level of maturity, Highland's certified CRM experts are prepared to help you find the path for CRM growth that aligns with your strategic goals.

Highland has expertise with multiple CRM platforms, including SugarCRM and Salesforce. We partner with you to find the CRM that best aligns with your business needs, and then work with you to build it and train your team.

Case studies

Agiliti logo.

Using CRM to streamline healthcare sales

Nurses can lose up to a half hour or more every shift looking for hard-to-find medical equipment. The equipment experts at Agiliti are on a mission to change that.

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Materion logo.

Unifying a global company with a modern CRM

Materion had a CRM problem. Only about half of its global sales team was using its out-of-date, homegrown solution. They needed a modern CRM to meet their complex needs.

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The Highland Approach to CRM

A diagram of the sales team technology architecture for a Highland client.

Map Your Business Processes

Highland specializes in helping teams map their processes and unite them through a coherent, powerful CRM solution. Sales, Marketing, and Service all have a role to play in landing new customers and expanding into existing accounts. Knowing the touchpoints that each department has with your prospects and customers will help you prepare for every conversation.

We can work with you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an existing CRM and recommend modifications to align the technology with your Sales, Marketing, and/or Service offerings.

A diagram expressing SugarCRM's perspective on client service.

Follow the Money

With a CRM system in place, you can watch your deals move through the funnel as they go from lead to prospect to closed deal, through delivery and invoicing. Dashboards and reports can be configured to show both historic and forward-looking revenue trends.

A screenshot of a Highland-built SugarCRM environment on a mobile device.

Make Adoption Delightful

It can be hard to get your team on board with new technology. Highland specializes in developing and leading hands-on trainings that help your team see the benefits and simplicity of their new CRM solution. We also provide ongoing support to help your team navigate questions and solve problems as they become confident CRM users.

Working with Highland's CRM team

The Highland Way, surrounded by the process: Meet, Plan, Design, Develop, Test, Evaluate.

How Highland Does Agile for CRM Implementation

For CRM Clients Who are New to Agile (or Who Want to Know Our Secret Sauce)

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Highland works with companies worldwide, like these offices shown here.

3 Ways to Take Your CRM to the Next Level of Maturity

During the first quarter of the year, many organizations find themselves evaluating their sales team, tools, and targets. Does this sound like you?

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