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SaaS Solution Design, Configuration, and Implementation

Accelerate your business by implementing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions made for you.

While off-the-shelf SaaS applications provide an excellent foundation, they require a carefully considered implementation plan, and custom design and configuration in order to truly take your organization to the next level. 

How do you launch a solution without taking on more work? Or more employees? By leveraging our experience.

Our services begin with understanding your unique business requirements, plotting business management strategies, and deploying a software solution that’s designed to achieve expected results. We make software implementation easy, cost-effective, and on-target to accelerate your business – and help your team focus on what really matters: driving value.

What Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

Let us design and configure a SaaS solution the way your business works, without the added stress! 

Our nine primary areas of expertise are dedicated to help you solve multiple challenges, whether it be to manage centralized data, track sales, increase customer satisfaction, and/or improve internal communication.

Sales Management

Define the process from lead to opportunity, and gain viability across the sales pipeline, empowering you with the visibility to drive decision-making and focus on conversion activities.

Customer Service Management

Modernize, personalize, and enhance your ability to track, manage, and solve customer service cases and meet SLAs, while transforming the customer experience.

Marketing Automation

Optimize and automate marketing and sales engagement processes from content calendars to campaigns, freeing up time to generate more leads, nurture them into sales, and boost ROI.

Project Management

Create one centralized location that enables teams to plan, manage, and execute work on time through improved task management, team collaboration, and communication.

Customer Relationship Management

Design a strategic, data-driven approach that improves customer relationships, standardized processes, and boosts conversions.

Data Management

Build and polish a reliable, synchronized data center with targeted and accurate prospect and customer information.

Platform Integration

Build a seamless flow of data across multiple platforms by integrating your unique tech ecosystem.

Workflow Automation

Develop an effective business process workflow management system that reduces error and increases productivity.

Team Collaboration

Get cross-functional departments and team members on the same page as they orchestrate work from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you reach your goals faster, easier, and more sustainably. Our team will handle all your needs, allowing you to focus on your business.

Business Analysis & Strategy

We listen to your challenges before we present solutions. We’ll collaborate with all stakeholders to assess, identify, and define top priorities and goals, and strategize a framework that promises success.

Design & Configuration

Our certified experts design a system blueprint that contains both functional and technical business requirements to deliver a custom configured solution that meets your desired state.

Business Process Management

Our team maps your workflows from start to finish to establish standardized processes that maximize operational efficiency, remove redundancies, and improve communication across departments.

Data Insights

From data visualization to report and dashboard creation, we help your team gain visibility on the insights, trends, and opportunities that help your business track KPIs, monitor pipeline analytics, and streamline decision-making.

Custom Development

We specialize in tailoring and extending applications with custom code to build functionality and features that meet your business requirements and goals.

Project Management

We develop a step-by-step project plan and timeline with you, ensuring there is no disruption and your business workflows are improved. Our goals are to lower risks, monitor costs, ensure complete configuration, and deliver effectively to end users.

User Training

In order to achieve the greatest ROI, it’s critical to have a high level of user adoption. We provide end users and administrators the support, training, and coaching they need to most effectively utilize your new SaaS solution.

Platform Support

Post-deployment, our team makes sure your system performs as it was designed to. We provide platform upgrades, and monitor user adoption and assess direct and indirect metrics related to ROI to identify ways to adapt your platform.

Ready to change the way you do business? Let us help!

Value you receive

Our business is to help your business do better!

We take a personalized, holistic approach with our implementation process that enables businesses of all sizes – small, medium to large enterprises – to maximize business management and transform how you serve your customers, prospects, and internal teams.

Stronger Collaboration & Coordination

Centralized, standardized, and streamlined processes and systems with integrated solutions drives productivity and help your teams solve problems more strategically.

Competitive Business Advantage

All firms require a SaaS solution; therefore, having a platform tailored to you helps you realize the full potential of your technology and team, and drives the agility you need to adapt to changes in your business environment.

Improved Visibility

Gain fresh insight into your operations, customer, and sales data with solutions that allow you to see all angles of your business and drive actions to realize opportunities and obtain success.

Cost-Effective Operations

Implementing a SaaS solution that’s custom-configured optimizes production, accelerates lead generation and customer support service, targets pain points, and reduces operational mistakes.


We can help you configure and implement Creatio,, or SugarCRM with the functionality your business needs.


Creatio is a low-code solution for business process management and CRM. It helps businesses increase operational bandwidth to accelerate marketing, sales, and service by aligning data and processes. is a cloud-based agile work operating platform that helps teams work without limits. It helps teams stay organized, manage all projects in one space, and increase organizational efficiency.


SugarCRM is a cloud-based application for sales and marketing automation, account management, and customer relationship management needs. It helps sales, marketing, and services teams collaborate on improving your business’s customer experience.

Why choose Highland?

When investing in software, it’s important to have an experienced partner who can help you truly take advantage of your technology and make it your own. By putting your business processes and unique needs first, we chart a strategic path forward, giving you the best chance to succeed with leveraging technology.  

Highland’s SaaS Solution Delivery team is a proven strategy and implementation partner that’s helped fast-growing companies transform sales, marketing, and customer service operations and processes. We combine savvy business intellect with strong technological aptitude to provide solutions that extend beyond implementing software. It’s about building relationships, evolutionizing your business, and delivering phenomenal customer experiences.


“Once we engaged Highland, I felt completely confident in choosing Sugar. They made everything so user-friendly. It can be difficult to roll out something like this to a whole team, but they made it a lot less stressful than it could have been.”
Mindy Landry
VP of Sales and Operations, Workspace Interiors
“Highland delivered a CRM that currently manages 20,000 contacts and 6,000 accounts. The deliverable streamlined global sales efforts. Communicative and organized, they’re a reliable partner and meshed smoothly with our company culture.”

Marketing & Communications, Packaging Company

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