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SaaS Solution Implementation, Strategy, & Development

Grow and scale your business by deploying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions made for you.

Focus on what really matters: your customers 

Keep your team focused on driving value by maximizing operational efficiency and agility, standardizing data, and centralizing team collaboration. While off-the-shelf SaaS applications provide an excellent platform foundation, they need to be custom configured in order to truly deliver the greatest value to your business.

Our SaaS Implementation services begin with understanding your unique business needs to ensure you see expected results. Leveraging our real-world experience and best practices in design, configuration, and training will jumpstart your move to a software solution that helps you take customer relationships to the next level.

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Services we offer

Do you want to improve scalability of your business operations, need a new CRM, or have an idea for a custom configured solution? We have a wide range of services.

Custom Development

We specialize in tailoring and extending applications with custom code to build functionality and enhancements that meet your business requirements and offerings.

Design & Configuration

We align system customization with your unique business processes to design and configure a solution that's built for long-term results.

Business Analysis & Strategy

We listen to your challenges before we present solutions. To clarify, “What problem are you trying to solve,” we collaborate with you to define an approach that ensures successful deployment.

Data Migration & Transformation

We make the transition from data across legacy systems and Excel spreadsheets to synchronized and standardized data centers smooth and uncomplicated.

Software Implementation

We develop a step-by-step implementation process, timeline, and execution strategy with you that guarantees a fast, effective roll-out across all stakeholders.


Every company has their own tech ecosystem. We integrate your SaaS solution with other applications to allow a seamless flow of data across your organization.

Sales & Marketing Automation

We help you see all leads and opportunities in one place, empowering you with decision-making power to focus on conversion activities.

User Training

We provide hands-on, customized training to support the best possible end-user adoption relative to your new SaaS software solutions.

Production Support

Post-deployment, our team provides hyper-focused monitoring, support, and care, verifying user engagement and business performance improvements.

Value you receive

Your initial investment in a SaaS solution will pay significant dividends over time.

Insights to help you win new business

Account records and associated data at your fingertips help you generate and nurture leads, track against preferred KPIs, and grow your customer base.

Cost reduction

Long-term results of implementing SaaS Solutions include operational acceleration, increased employee productivity, and higher lead conversion rates.

Centralized & standardized collaboration

Efficient processes and workflows aligned with your internal structure help teams solve problems more strategically.

Ready to begin implementing software that's made for you and your unique business challenges?

SaaS Provider & Solution Partners

We can help you configure and implement SugarCRM, Creatio, or addressing requirements you need to be effective.


Empower marketing, sales, and service teams with data across the entire customer lifecycle to drive more meaningful customer experiences.

  • 360º view of all activity for every account
  • Gain visibility into metrics, KPIs, customers, pipeline, and activities
  • Capture leads, track, and evaluate engagement
  • Integrate with robust REST APIs
Learn more about our Highland + SugarCRM services


Automate any business idea in minutes using Creatio’s suite of tools, including low-code, process automation, and CRM solutions.

  • Automate any repeatable process with ease
  • Connect the dots between marketing, sales, and service
  • Focus only on what’s relevant with a clean, modern user interface
  • Accelerate service delivery and streamline customer engagements
Learn more about our Highland + Creatio services

Enhance your team’s workflows with a code-free platform that adapts to shifting needs quickly, automates manual work, and connects teams.

  • Streamline and scale your business operations in one workspace
  • Conduct your team’s entire project management workflow
  • Flexible solutions for Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management, and Customer Service
  • Integrate other applications with in a few clicks to keep all your data in one place
Learn more about our Highland + services

Why choose Highland

Our SaaS Solution Delivery team is positioned to take a deeper dive into your current systems and processes, and chart a strategic path forward. Highland is a proven implementation partner with over 21 years of experience, over 160 projects, 90% repeat and referral business, and work across complex verticals like manufacturing and business services.

We’d love to hear from you, answer questions, and learn more about your current challenges.

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Hear from our customers

Business Challenge

Workspace Interiors, a commercial furniture company, didn’t have a customer management tool, and had loose processes for sales and general management.


We tailored SugarCRM and built customizable reporting features for Workspace Interiors. Once the platform launched, we trained and onboarded their Sales team.

“Once we engaged Highland, I felt completely confident in choosing Sugar. They made everything so user-friendly. It can be difficult to roll out something like this to a whole team, but they made it a lot less stressful than it could have been.”
Mindy Landry
VP of Sales and Operations, Workspace Interiors

Business Challenge 

Barron Designs wanted to eliminate multiple operating systems through an ERP system that connects to SugarCRM, but Sugar isn’t set up for Barron Designs’ business needs. They needed a custom SugarCRM configuration.


Highland created custom SugarCRM reporting that provides better visibility into long-term opportunities and makes it easier for internal stakeholders to manage the business.

“What sets Highland apart from competitors is that they’re more interested in what’s important for me. They’re interested in me as a business rather than me as a customer, which makes all the difference.”
Jeff Dordick
VP of Sales, Barron Designs

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