Senior Software Developer

LocationChicagoland is highly preferred for this hybrid role. 

HoursWe’re based in Chicago and typically work 9am–5pm CST with some individual flexibility. 

The Ideal Candidate 

  • Empathetic to user, client, and team needs 

  • Motivated by tough problems, both in and out of the code 

  • Has strong, favorable opinions about TDD and pairing/ensemble programming 

  • Has high standards for code quality 

  • Wants to learn about their tools and tech stack deeply

  • Proud they don’t let things slip through the cracks 

  • Enjoys improving DX (developer experience, like UX for devs) 

Development Experience

  • Has been part of a team that has successfully built several medium-to-large-scale applications 

  • Have strong capability in Laravel and at least a working knowledge of client-side MVVM frameworks like Vue and React 

  • You may have experience with:

    • Modernizing legacy applications 

    • Web application system architecture & design 

    • Configuring servers and automating deployments 

    • A11y & W3C standards 

    • Tailwind CSS 

    • Other server-side languages 

Team & Process

  • Our project teams often include some combination of software engineers, product managers, designers, and researchers.

  • We’re a curious bunch, continually assessing and improving digital product development practices with product and user-centric thinking.

  • We seek diverse perspectives for feedback and critique throughout projects and initiatives.

Client Relationships

  • Our project team members advise and consult with clients and team members on product and technical direction. We aim always to keep end-user and business outcomes in mind to make the right trade-offs.

  • We strive to have frank, honest conversations with our clients and team members.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A degree in Computer Science is preferred. Other comparable training is acceptable.

  • Mid-Senior level of experience developing custom software.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Full-time salary

  • Annual profit sharing

  • Health, dental and vision insurance (Highland pays 66% of the premiums)

  • 401k retirement savings plan

  • Paid company holidays, flexible paid time off, and unlimited sick time

  • 40 hours of professional development time and a $1,000 stipend each year

  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance and life insurance (Highland pays 100% of the premiums)

  • Six to twelve weeks of paid parental leave

About Highland

Highland is a digital product and innovation consultancy based in Chicago. We research, design, and build digital products and experiences for mission-driven organizations and customer-centric companies.

Our mission is to increase human flourishing through game-changing insights, design and--when appropriate--digital products and platforms. Our work tends to focus on organizations contributing to peoples’ physical and mental health, social connections, community, and financial stability.

The continued growth of our work in Design Research, Innovation, and Digital Strategy has brought Highland to an inflection point.  Our early-stage research, strategy, and innovation work has more than tripled in the last two years, creating increased opportunities to deliver the value of those insights through digital products and experiences. We believe in the power of end-to-end design using an integrated approach with consistent team members from research, design, and development, all coherently focused on user behaviors and needs.

Highland’s Core Values

  • People First: What we make and how we work should make it a little bit better to be alive: for us, our clients, and their customers.

  • Be Curious: The big picture is everyone's responsibility. There is always more to learn. We are generous in teaching what we know.

  • Be Transparent: We're accountable to our clients and to each other, and respond to problems with solutions, not blame. Vulnerability, while risky, leads to trust and understanding.

  • Give a Damn: Our clients’ goals are our goals. We do work we can be proud of. Quality is non-negotiable.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Highland is committed to creating a just, equitable workplace and is actively seeking candidates who can bring the value of diverse lived experiences to this position. We look for candidates who have a high level of demonstrated comfort with cultural competency;

women, people of color, people with disabilities, and people who identify as LGBTQ are encouraged to apply.

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