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Understand your customers.
Build better digital products and experiences.

See how Highland helped a century-old financial services company create a digital product to reach Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

268 Digital products launched and counting

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We work with mission-driven organizations, with a special focus on the healthcare, finance, and nonprofit sectors.

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Highland is a digital product consultancy in Chicago

We specialize in customer research, digital product design, custom web applications, and mobile app development. We believe that what we create should make it a little bit better to be alive: for us, our clients, and their customers. 

An orange red-circle with a white icon of a heart at the center, with ripples as if it were beating. Icons of a baby, arrow, and briefcase surround the center image


Understanding family visits to the ER

We worked with Children’s Wisconsin to map the journey of a family emergency room visit, helping them provide more empathetic and effective care.

Make-A-Wish mobile view, with the team tab selected. The Wish-Child is at the center, a young girl named Addison, with her family above her and the Wish team below. The image is flanked by yellow stars and dots.


Charting a path to deliver hope to more families

Make-A-Wish wanted to map the wish journey and empower their staff to deliver an even more impactful experience for wish kids and their families.

Fulfill mobile view of spendable accounts, with a Fulfill spendable debit card in the background, flanked with confetti


Building a no-nonsense banking app

Most money management tools are way too complicated. Financial startup Fulfill wanted to build an app that could answer the question: Can I truly afford this purchase?

Original Research

Want to know what it takes to launch a successful digital product? We talked to product managers across the globe to understand the key traits that successful digital product journeys share.


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