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Devin Parsons

Director, Digital Product Delivery


Devin Parsons is the Director of Highland's Digital Product Delivery practice. With a lifelong passion for technology and its ability to transform the human condition, Devin approaches software product strategy, design, and development as part of a continuum of experience that starts with a vision for something more.

Devin comes to Highland with enterprise product strategy and development experience in healthcare, human resources, and business services as well as startup and consulting experience in finance, insurance, and the materials supply industry. Seeking to align organizational strategy across product research, design, and development, Devin helps companies create software products that retain the emotional connection to their vision for a better world.

In addition to his work at Highland, Devin serves on the Board of Trustees for a local not-for-profit K-8 Montessori school and provides consulting, mentoring, experational learning support for a local not-for-profit high school.

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