Are you a small business owner who is losing revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Highland would like to help.

We’re a team of researchers and strategists in Chicago, and a core part of our work is helping leaders find new opportunities to generate revenue.

Highland is offering a free two-hour consultation session to help small business owners find creative ways to generate revenue during the pandemic. Qualifying business owners will connect with expert researchers and strategists who will help them identify new ways to generate revenue using existing resources.

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They’re genuine. I’ve worked with many IT consultants where that isn’t the case. They know what their strengths are and cater to that, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. They’re experts in their field, and the entire team is professional.
Bipin Jayaraj,
Chief Information Officer, Make-A-Wish America

What's included?

Our Business Model Exploration is a free, two-hour video consultation session with our business strategists and designers.

The session will include structured activities designed to bring a fresh perspective to your business and help you identify how you can use your existing resources to drive new sources of revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

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They knocked it out of the park every step of the way. They’re always thinking ahead to help us succeed. That foresight is invaluable.
Senior Vice President,
Security Company

This session is designed to help small businesses:


Explore the key elements of your existing model alongside compassionate, skilled designers who bring a fresh perspective to your situation.


Identify untapped opportunities within the existing capabilities and resources of your business that could provide new sources of revenue.


Assess the impact and feasibility of the new ideas that emerge, and create a plan of action for transforming your business.

They were collaborative and wanted to help us solve our unique challenges.
Geremy Bass,
Program Manager, Zoro

Who should apply?

Owners of all types of small businesses (between 5-50 employees) who have been disrupted by the pandemic are welcome to apply.

Once you submit an application, Highland will follow up within one business day to let you know if your business is a good fit for this program.

We’re offering a limited number of sessions, so interested business owners are encouraged to apply ASAP!

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It is hard to feel that a service provider cares as much about your business as you do. Without question - Highland did.
Pam Schilling,
Co-Founder & CEO, Archer Career Partners

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