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Custom Software Development Services

Launch digital experiences that put users in the center of your solution

We are a custom software development company that designs and develops user-centric software products. We make online experiences transformative, business activities streamlined, data processing smarter, customer and employee connections stronger, and much more. 

Leveraging our consulting capabilities and in-depth knowledge, we have successfully delivered hundreds of custom software solutions to enterprises, mid-size companies, and startups. Our services encompass the full cycle of software development, from ideation to delivery – taking your brand to the next level with software tailored to you and you alone.

Custom Software Development Consulting

We enable innovation and disruption by helping you think out of the box and develop custom software that delivers business value and results, while meeting user expectations.

  • Validate your new software will create greater business value 

  • Bridge gaps across the marketplace

  • Seize new opportunities with current and prospective customers

  • Activate in-house insights and data with a viable plan forward

  • Establish a well-defined pricing and business model, and go-to-market strategy

  • Initiate or accelerate your digital transformation journey

Web Application Development

Custom web applications center around custom fit. We make sure each piece, every process, all requirements are specific to you – providing unique functionality for your users while fueling your differentiation.

  • Launch cost-effective, reliable software that delights users

  • Craft strong requirements as a team for the future of your software application

  • Build cutting-edge apps with quality architecture

  • Drive automation across business processes

  • Migrate from off-the-shelf solutions to a custom platform

Learn more about our web application development services

Mobile App Development

Delivering a great mobile experience is paramount in staying ahead of your competition. Our team helps you make critical mobile strategy decisions upfront and designs an app that powers up your unique mission.

  • Capture users’ attention with visual branding and critical functionality

  • Develop smart, mobile-responsive apps using the latest technologies

  • Define and fine-tune UI/UX design

  • Increase ease-of-use and enjoyment with customers

  • Ensure your mobile app is device-agnostic, across iOS and Android

  • Select the right mobile application (native, hybrid, or progressive)

SaaS Product Development

Whether building a custom software solution from the ground up or re-architecting an existing one, our dedicated team is equipped to help you expand to new customers, create new revenue streams, reduce operating costs, and strengthen your business.

  • Clarify your ideas and user needs, and translate them into actionable design

  • Use user feedback and lean startup thinking to build the right thing quickly

  • Test and improve concepts to ensure UI/UX syncs with user behaviors

  • Implement a modernized single-tenant or multi-tenant architecture

  • Launch an application with scalability and growth in mind

Custom API & System Integrations

Our custom API and integration solutions simplify and accelerate shared workflows with your customers, partners, internal systems, and external services. We design, deploy, and manage APIs internally or with third-party applications to enable the smoothest end-to-end user experience.

  • Tailor a custom API for the specific needs of your business

  • Transfer data easily across off-the-shelf software, custom applications, and devices

  • Connect all software to increase seamless business operations 

UX/UI Consulting

Today’s users expect effortless technology. We work closely with you and your users to build software that accomplishes their goals quickly and effectively, and drives long-term adoption.

  • Incorporate a design thinking approach that emphasizes with user needs and preferences

  • Get the details right before coding with prototyping

  • Collect data on user behavior and interaction to optimize UI/UX

  • Design a beautiful UI that engages and delights users

  • Ensure UX and technical requirements go hand-in-hand 

See how we approach UX/UI Design

Custom Software Development Platforms & Technologies

At Highland, our software engineers are committed to using the latest tech that gives your product the edge it needs to thrive in the marketplace.

Front-End (client-side)

We build platforms using Vue.js, Livewire, Javascript, HTML web pages, and CSS.

Back-End (server-side)

Our scripting language includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Laravel, and PHP.

Featured projects: 

Our clients are consistently satisfied with our years of experience and commitment to technical and software engineering excellence, product research, and agile and DevOps-based methodologies. 

Explore our case studies to see how we helped them reach tangible business benefits as a result of partnering with us.

Thrivent mobile view with a photo of graduates at the front. White icons overlayed: a clock, dollar sign, degree

Putting a dent in the student debt crisis

Read the case study

Fulfill mobile view of spendable accounts, with a Fulfill spendable debit card in the background, flanked with confetti

Developing a no-nonsense banking app

Read the case study

Empress choice mobile view on a tablet, showing the purple dashboard and a woman smiling.

Disrupting an old school industry with new digital solutions

Read the case study

Our differentiators

Human-Centric Development

We design for humans. Our development projects are guided by users – their behavior, emotions, functional needs – ensuring your software balances user wants, stakeholder interests, and business goals.

Outstanding Code Quality

Our custom software developers follow leading practices across SaaS, mobile, and web development – rendering a high-quality foundation for performance and customization.

Software Reliability

We provide expert qualitative research, rapid prototyping services, and rigorous quality assurance testing to diagnose and solve potential problems early in the product development lifecycle.

Deepen Customer Experience

We know how to enable your products to deliver high value to end-users by fulfilling their spoken and unspoken needs – while also serving you a competitive advantage.

“They challenged us in new ways. They gradually became a strategic partner, because they had a vested interest in the long-term success of the project. They helped us better shape the product instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do.”
CEO of Credit Union Firm
“We had an awesome experience with Highland, from the quality of their work to their communication. They were invested in the project and wanted it to succeed as much as we did. I knew that I could trust them.”
Content Manager of Toy Manufacturer & Distributor

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