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Chicago Design & Innovation Roundtable

A community for leaders of design-led innovation

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You’re a leader in an established organization. You’re leading a team focused on innovation, design, or digital, or maybe all three. You’ve spent years as a practitioner, a change agent, and a mentor. You’re leading up and sideways, executing critical work while teaching, evangelizing, (and sometimes defending) a new way of working.

It’s easy to find advice and stories from innovators in start-ups and new high-growth companies, who just accept design-led innovation, customer-centricity, and digital-first as normal. But it’s hard to find others who understand the particular challenges of teaching an established organization a new way of thinking.

You don’t have to do it alone. You're invited to be part of a small, hand-selected group of individuals who share your passion for design-led innovation, and, like you, carry the experiences, victories, and struggles earned from the unique challenges of bringing change to established orgs.

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Our peer-led gatherings are built around sharing and learning with and from other experienced leaders and practitioners. We’ll discuss improving the processes of design and innovation, as well as broader topics of becoming better leaders and better human beings.


Through virtual monthly gatherings and a private Slack group, you’ll have the flexibility to explore areas of interest, from research, to design, to budgeting, organizational design, team management, and anything else you bring to the table.


Make valuable connections to other leaders and organizations, that can give you support, outside perspective and problem solving, and links to talented people and partners to assist your team. Link with a group of leaders who share similar values and goals of human-centered, design-led innovation: not business for business sake, but business for people’s sake.

Want to learn more? Read the Design & Innovation Roundtable Playbook.

Interested in being a part of the Design Thinking Roundtable? Schedule a conversation with Highland President Jon Berbaum.