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Product Strategy

Delivering a strategy that is aligns your vision & business goals

What is Product Strategy?

Your product strategy is the high-level plan that aligns the product vision to your business goals. It informs how you will define your product roadmap and how you will use it to guide your company’s product plans. In a time where the need for product development is at an all time high, it is important to have a product strategy as a plan for how your company will bring your product vision to life. This plan will encompass the entire product lifecycle and help to create, launch, and grow a new product that makes sense for your business stakeholders and target audience.

At Highland, we pinpoint critical customer needs, market gaps, areas for differentiation, and business growth opportunities – providing you with a targeted digital strategy that creates exceptional products and services that people value and want to use.

Why is Product Strategy Valuable?

A product strategy is a set of ideas about how to grow and improve your business. It’s a roadmap for the future, outlining what you want to achieve and when you want it done. Within your product strategy, you will create a product roadmap as a tool that helps your product team prioritize what they want to build, communicate their goals and plans, plan for how they’ll get there, and measure progress.

Our team learns the ins and outs of your business to create a roadmap that can optimize digital products already in use or transforms new ideas and initiatives into a successful product with tangible results. We help you move your business forward by identifying the right issues to solve and building a go-to-market strategy around them.

We help you create an effective product strategy that looks at the big picture and breaks it into strategic goals. Throughout this process you will:

  • Gain validation on your new features or current concept, testing functionality and user experience throughout

  • Explore product-market fit opportunities, new business models, and value propositions that resonate with your target market

  • Innovate your product design and develop a differentiation strategy to ensure digital transformation growth

  • Choose the right technology and development approach for a successful product launch

  • Identify what outcomes, metrics, and KPIs should be measured to evaluate if your product is successful

  • Prioritize your best products by identifying the ones that have high potential for growth and meet your product goals

  • Align your product development process with your organization's overall business strategy

How we do it

Highland has been building custom software for over twenty years. During that time, we’ve carefully refined how we help clients bring their vision to life.

We find the product engineering strategy that fits your business and achieves your goals. We provide the tools, resources, and processes that allow everyone to maintain a healthy pace of development.

"We wouldn’t be achieving our business goals without Highland. Everyone on their team was very clear on what we set out to do. We worked with an incredibly high-caliber group."

- Jill Cole Mesaros, Director of Membership at Thrivent Financial

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