Children's Hospitals

Implement tailored, patient-centered care strategies that improve engagement and loyalty.

Transforming the Pediatric Patient Experience

Better Health and Patient Care

Pediatric patient experiences vary greatly from adult patient experiences. They must empathize with healthcare journeys for a wide range of age groups, from baby to teenager, and their respective caregivers. Because it’s about supporting the entire family and their needs. When done right, hospitals and clinics have the power to drive better patient adherence, quality care, and health outcomes.

Highland can help you:

  • Gain actionable insight

  • Bridge patient & provider goals

  • Deliver digitally

See From Families’ Point of View

Family members know the patient best and are most often determining how satisfied they are with hospital care. Including them in the patient care journey is essential to enhancing the pediatric patient experience.

Highland’s qualitative research methods deliver insights that drive mission-centered change. We go beyond patient satisfaction surveys to assess all interactions between you and your patient, including interactions invisible to you.

Design Exceptional Experiences

Pediatric patient experiences must be carefully designed and tested to influence patient satisfaction. And, to stay relevant in today’s digital and disrupted market, children’s hospitals need to become fiercely consumer-centric from primary care to ER visits to patient portals.

Highland enables hospital leaders, physicians, and families to co-create digital and in-person experiences that truly deliver on the promise of better care. When your patients and care teams are aligned, you’ll build stronger communication and relationships that foster ongoing trust and loyalty.

Connected Experiences that Matter

Technology plays an active role in helping or hurting patient experience and engagement. Parents and caregivers who are well-informed, feel involved in healthcare decisions, and have on-demand access to their healthcare providers are not only more satisfied with care but can also reach better health outcomes.

Families need comprehensive, tailored digital solutions when taking care of their children at home. Whether designing custom software, mobile apps, or digital front doors, we use real insight from families’ expectations and critical needs to improve the experience — delivering convenience for them and efficiency for you.

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