Investigate moments that matter to deliver high-quality, personalized health care journeys

Patient Experience Strategy & Healthcare Software Solutions

The healthcare industry faces ever-evolving challenges. Market disruptions, consumerism, technology transformation, and the growing importance of digital health are shifting patient expectations and driving a need to reimagine the healthcare experience.

Traditional healthcare approaches must transform into more meaningful, valuable patient experiences that promise patient engagement and loyalty—and ultimately, better health care outcomes.

Highland designs and implements patient-centered care journeys that go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. We can help you:

  • Uncover patients needs

  • Activate patient-centric strategies

  • Engage patients digitally

Get a Complete View of the Patient Journey

Patient experience goes beyond the time spent within your hospital or medical practice. It includes touchpoints across pre-, during, and post- visits that are difficult to see and hard to assess — whether on your mobile app, in the waiting room, or at home.

Highland uses qualitative research methods to surface what matters most to every patient, their families or caregivers, and your medical staff— turning rich, in-depth insight into actionable strategies that encourage a culture of patient centricity.

Activate a Patient-Centric Healthcare Experience

To deliver exceptional patient experiences, healthcare organizations must connect directly with patients and design care journeys based on their terms. As 2021 progresses, patients seek greater value, quality of service, timeliness of care, and transparency, intensifying the importance of putting the patient center-stage.

Highland’s unique, holistic approach aligns stakeholders’ goals, and emotional and medical needs to shape physical and digital healthcare experiences that prioritize the patient. It’s about delivering tailored care on their terms and meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Design Digital Solutions That Engage Patients

Better patient experience requires a better digital experience. Web and mobile applications must empower patients with knowledge and treatment options during "in-between visit" care. To work, they must make health information and two-way communication easily accessible, helping patients make decisions and take charge.

Highland takes extra time and care to determine what digital and user experience strategies are critical to patients. We learn how patients want to engage and design digital front doors and iOS, android, and web apps that focus on usability, performance, and patient satisfaction.

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