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Innovation Strategy

Build a strong foundation for your innovation efforts

What is Innovation Strategy?

Innovation is essential to your business strategy, growth, and sustainability in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. In order to ensure that your innovation efforts reach their full potential, you need a thoughtfully crafted innovation strategy that builds a framework for you to continue to creatively engage your users, utilize new technologies, and make impactful change.

Determining your innovation strategy is an important first step in creating value for your organization. Whether you are launching a new product or service or expanding on your existing business model, it’s important to align core business stakeholders around the direction and purpose of your innovation initiatives. With a strong foundation and internal alignment, you will put yourself in the best position for successful innovation advancement and increased value generation for your users. 

How is Innovation Strategy Valuable?

If you’re leading innovation at your company, you don’t have to go it alone. Highland can help you throughout your innovation process:

  • Gain clarity on the big picture: Our work is grounded in research and insights that will help you uncover customer needs, understand your unique value propositions, and serve as a guiding light as you enhance your new strategic vision. 

  • Increase organizational alignment: Innovation transformation touches the entire organization. By working with stakeholders across all levels of your company, you’ll improve alignment on how to implement, scale, and measure impact.

  • Turn ideation into action: We’ll help you fill in the gaps between innovative ideas and action by crafting an effective innovation strategy that allows you to move beyond untested speculations into an actionable path forward.

  • Reduce time to implementation: Our team will co-collaborate with you to create roadmaps that define clear and incremental steps, making it possible for your teams to execute and scale ideas, so you can see them in-market sooner.

  • Establish competitive advantage: By understanding existing and emerging markets, we can help deliver pricing and business models that position you ahead of your competition while increasing revenue, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Whether it’s creating new products and services, reaching new markets, or building new business models that are differentiated from what already exists today, Highland is committed to helping you implement strategic planning that sets you up on a path to innovation success.

  • Innovate with Confidence: No more speculation and uncertainty about the path forward. Highland is dedicated to finding hidden opportunities with users, the market, and your products. We crystalize actionable insights that give you the direction you need to invest intelligently and successfully.

  • Human-Centered: Our work is guided by your customer base - their behavior, emotions, functional needs. This connection helps to ensure that your business model innovation system balances user desires, stakeholder interests, and business goals.

  • Business & Mission Alignment: By bringing cross-functional teams together, we help you lay groundwork for organizational changes that are aligned with your mission and business goals, and that your teams are truly invested in.

  • End-to-End Competencies: We start by uncovering the steps that it takes to move your innovation projects forward, but continue to identify and track data-driven benchmarks and metrics to ensure your strategy is on target after it is implemented.

"We wouldn’t be achieving our business goals without Highland. Everyone on their team was very clear on what we set out to do. We worked with an incredibly high-caliber group."

- Jill Cole Mesaros, Director of Membership at Thrivent Financial

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