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Strategy & Innovation

Accelerate innovation by improving digital experience

Digital evolution doesn’t start with technology. It’s about finding smarter ways of doing business in order to stay relevant, competitive, and continuously innovate. It’s about building a roadmap to unforgettable customer experiences. It’s about making impacts that matter – impacts for your business and your users.

If you’re ready to transform, we’re ready to translate your visions into reality.

At Highland, we create more value for your business by activating new software and service ideas with a viable plan forward. From creating core business models and pricing strategies that reach new and emerging markets, to designing digital technology, to unlocking the potential of your customer experiences, our team combines our expertise and knowledge to enable your innovative future.

Our Services

Grounded in design thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the customers you serve and want to serve, we build feasible digital innovation strategies and products that grow and scale with your users and goals.

Digital Product Strategy

Let’s explore innovative offerings and identify new revenue generating opportunities. Whether creating a net-new product or optimizing a current one, we will give you a range of options that tackle business problems and address users’ needs. Our process includes designing product concepts, producing implementation plans, and validating digital product success.

Digital Experience Strategy

Whatever your idea or current digital solution may be, we help you gain clarity on the big picture strategy it should have to deliver immersive virtual experiences that are distinct from what exists today. From here, our end-to-end services include honing in on new business models, messaging, pricing, and designing and developing software.

Market Opportunity Exploration

Get the step-by-step roadmap you need to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. We show you how yours and other existing technology solutions are performing, provide competitive benchmarking, locate gaps across the market, and identify a digital strategy that promises long-term digital revolution.

Service Design

Whether integrating an app with a physical experience or looking for a deeper understanding of your multi-channel service business model, we develop strategies that provide a holistic, connected experience for your users across all touchpoints. In our work, we expose the layers required to drive acceleration and execute on all digital innovation initiatives.

Ready to meet your missional goals, push the envelope, and embark on your digital transformation? 

Value you receive

With a laser focus on your users, we help businesses envision, design, build, and measure innovative products and services, at speed.

Innovate with Confidence

No more speculation and uncertainty about a path forward. Our practice grounds strategies with research and insights. We crystallize actionable insights that give you the direction you need to lead with differentiation and a competitive edge.

Maximized Investments

Stuck in ideation? Need help pinpointing investments that thread business strategy, product design, and sales opportunities? We empower your organization to invest intelligently in existing or new technology and ecosystems that move your ideas to market quickly and produce tangible business value.

Improved Customer Experience & ROI

We deliver high performing customer experiences that lead to increased adoption, retention, engagement, and customer satisfaction. In result, you can expect a measurable return on your investment, reducing digital product spend (less waste), increasing business process efficiencies, and boosting customer lifetime value.

Team Collaboration & Activation

We don’t just deliver work, we enable cross-functional team collaboration, communication, and decision making. Together, we lay the groundwork for changes to come and define KPI benchmarks that ensure your strategy is on the mark to meet all organizational goals.

Why choose Highland?

We’re an all-in-one partner for all your digital innovation needs: from qualitative research to digital product strategy to UX/UI design and testing, to custom software development. We love analyzing, strategizing, and building digital solutions and services that help organizations grow and empower those they serve -- whether it’s internal teams or customers and consumers. 

What makes us different is we take a long-term view. We’re committed to your success through identifying opportunities that achieve your goals while also helping users pursue theirs. Our mission is to use our diverse range of skills to provide you with the guiding light you need to implement new software that’s relevant, usable, and promises meaningful customer relationships. We work closely and proactively with you and your team to draw –or redraw – digital product and service strategies and journeys, confirming you get to the next phase and seize digital futures that endure.

Featured Projects

We empower transformation with digital solutions that work. Read through our case studies to see how our strategic, creative approaches helped our clients across healthcare, education, and more successfully innovate and grow.


“From concept to financial planning and development, they helped us get our digital product off the ground. They are trustworthy, organized, engaged and efficient workers.”
Jason Gile
Dean of Program Development & Innovation, Northern Seminary
“Highland surpassed expectations, delivering a product that was much more advanced than anticipated. They went above and beyond in gathering all the requirements and turning them into something tangible.”
Kathrin Munz
Head of Marketing & New Product Development, Genioo
“They challenged us in new ways. They gradually became a strategic partner, because they had a vested interest in the long-term success of the project. They helped us better and shape the product, instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do.”

CEO, Credit Union Firm

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