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Digital Innovation & Research

Accelerate innovation by uncovering and addressing the unmet needs of your market and users

Digital innovation doesn’t start with technology. It starts with inventing creative and smarter ways to stay competitive, grow revenue, and continuously evolve. It’s about remaining laser-focused on driving business outcomes that also propel unforgettable customer experiences. It’s about making impacts that matter – impacts for your business and your users.

If you’re ready to transform, we’re ready to translate your visions into reality.

At Highland, we help you move through the noise of unproven hypotheses and instincts toward true innovations that disrupt markets. From uncovering new insights about your users, to evaluating and activating new software ideas with a viable plan forward, to creating core business models that reach new markets, to unlocking the potential of your digital technology, our team enables your innovative future.

Ready to push the envelope and embark on your digital transformation?

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The value you receive:

With a laser focus on your users, we help businesses evaluate, design, build, and measure innovative products and services, at speed.

  • Innovate with Confidence

    No more speculation and uncertainty about a path forward. Our practice is dedicated to finding hidden opportunities with users, the market, and your products. We crystalize actionable insights that give you the direction you need to invest intelligently, lead with a competitive edge and generate tangible business value.

  • Expanded & Focused Strategic Vision

    We help you define and bring the big picture into view, set a prioritized business strategy grounded in reality, and accelerate your time-to-market with a directed, step-by-step roadmap that delivers an on-target new technology solution.

  • Improved Customer Experience & ROI

    We deliver high performing customer experiences that lead to increased adoption, retention, engagement, and customer satisfaction. In result, you can expect a measurable return on your investment, reduction in overall digital product spend (less waste), and long-term business growth.

  • Team Collaboration & Activation

    We don’t just deliver work, we enable cross-functional team collaboration, communication, and decision making. Together, we bring all departments together to lay the groundwork for changes to come and define KPI benchmarks that ensure your organization is on mark to meet all business goals.

Outshine your competition with a truly innovative digital product

This white paper examines traits that make digital products succeed (and not succeed), and ways you can take advantage of amplifying your unique value offering across your products, services, and ultimately – your current and ideal customers.

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Our Work

We empower transformation with digital solutions that work. Read through our case studies to see how our strategic, creative approaches helped our clients successfully innovate and grow.

Medical App Development And Redesign Case Study

Leveraging Consumer Research to Innovate Mobile Health App

We leveraged consumer research, UX/UI design, and design sprints to help Treatment create a “stickier” mobile app experience.

Using Patient Journey Mapping to Design In-Person Experience and New Medical App

We worked with Children’s Wisconsin to define a new digital health experience for their patients: an integrated healthcare app for general and emergency care.

Two people sit facing each other in a modern office space. One has a laptop.

Helping professionals land their dream jobs

We helped Archer create a mobile app to digitize and scale their career advisory services.

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Why choose Highland

We’re an all-in-one partner for all your digital innovation needs: from qualitative research to digital strategy to UX/UI design and testing to custom software development. What makes us different is we take a long-term view. Our clients know us for our empathetic approach, serious commitment to client success, and passion for unlocking creative potential.

We use creative workshopping to ask the hard questions and integrate the right answers into a clear, targeted, and testable product strategy – elevating unique, out-of-the-box opportunities that cannot be found through common approaches. Our mission is to use our diverse range of skills to work closely and proactively with you and your team to evaluate and draw – or redraw – digital innovation initiatives, guiding you to seize digital futures that endure.

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Hear from our clients

Highland surpassed expectations, delivering a product that was much more advanced than anticipated. They went above and beyond in gathering all the requirements and turning them into something tangible.

- Katherin Munz, Head of Marketing & New Product Development at Genioo

I was very impressed by the willingness of the team to dig deep and learn hard. We operate within a complex labyrinth of regulatory systems, and the team did a great job coming to speed in understanding the key stakeholders, their needs, and incentives that could align them.

- CEO, Medical Education Firm

They challenged us in new ways. They gradually became a strategic partner, because they had a vested interest in the long-term success of the project. They helped us better and shape the product, instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do.

- CEO, Credit Union Firm
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