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Digital Product Development

Launch digital products that put users in the center of your solution

At a time when business strategy is increasingly driven by shifts in customer expectations, emerging trends, and impending disruptions in the marketplace, organizations can thrive by transforming their relationship with their customers. It’s about being committed to innovation, iteration, and cultivation.

At Highland, we work backward from spoken and unspoken human needs to construct an effective digital product strategy and roadmap to innovation. From generating meaningful ideation to validating product-market fit to designing and building high-quality software products — we make a bottom-line difference to your business: through human-centered research, design, and build.

Digital Product Strategy Consulting

We spark digital innovation by uncovering new user segments, markets, and growth opportunities that translate into a meaningful digital product strategy for your organization.

  • Gain insight into current and future customer needs and market opportunities for revenue growth

  • Transform how you deliver to customers’ desires while leapfrogging your competition

  • Co-create and evaluate with customers to ensure your new product idea will power your business forward

  • Create a strategic vision and product roadmap rooted in customer needs to enable digital transformation

  • Negotiate high-level business goals, stakeholder needs, and customer expectations to define the right product

  • Amplify impact of existing internal data and research through purposeful integration into new work streams

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Digital Product Management

To launch a human-centered, authentic, and trusted digital product, you need to make sure every piece of your plan takes into consideration business operations, digital marketing, branding, and more.

  • Maximize your digital investments and speed to market with an iterative, trusted model for delivery

  • Launch new business lines, capitalize on new software solutions, and enter new markets with confidence

  • Establish a well-defined pricing and business model, branding, and messaging strategy

  • Integrate your new product with a cohesive go-to-market strategy that helps acquire, engage, and retain customers

  • Enable your team to better understand and act on your new strategy, delivering consistent value to your customers

UX/UI Design

By developing detailed user segments, we are able to pinpoint precise needs and craft a realistic customer journey. This tells us what is needed to create product designs that strengthen user experience, trust, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Build in a game-changing UX design strategy that aligns with every customer touchpoint

  • Leverage design thinking to deliver maximum value to your customers and your business

  • Use generative, co-creation methods to dive deep into customer habits, desires, needs, and goals

  • Make prototypes to test the hypotheses, conduct usability testing, collect user feedback, and improve designs

  • Capture users’ attention with beautiful UI and critical functionality

  • Validate MVP delights your users and delivers high-value outcomes

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Digital Product Engineering

Whether you need a new application developed, or an existing one re-engineered, we design holistic technical solutions that meet current and future objectives, delivering a scalable architecture that adapts to your growing business.

  • Determine technology mapping, architecture definition, and process setup

  • Ensure UX and technical requirements go hand-in-hand

  • Craft with market-leading front-end and back-end product engineering

  • Review current technology to assess for architecture or system optimization or modernization

  • Use custom API and system integrations to connect across your entire tech ecosystem

  • Build product to be device agnostic across iOS and Android mobile apps

QA & User Testing

Our design and development team uses a robust quality assurance approach combined with human testing to make sure your digital product is in perfect shape for launching to end users.

  • Rapidly reduce performance risk and enable immediate, cost-effective remedies

  • Use user testing to confirm the smoothest end-to-end digital experience for all types of users

  • Test and improve clean, quality code with automated and manual testing

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Application Development Frameworks & Technologies

Our software engineers use the latest tech, giving your product the edge it needs to thrive in the marketplace.

  • Visual design, prototyping, service design, design systems, wireframing, service mapping, design metrics, feature scoring

  • Vue.js, Livewire, Javascript, HTML,CSS

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Laravel, PHP

Ready to transform your ideas into reality?

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The value you receive:

Our passion lies in using our software development services to help businesses solve unique challenges and achieve measurable results.

  • Human-Centric Development

    Our development projects are guided by users – their behavior, emotions, functional needs – which enables us to ensure your software balances user desires, stakeholder interests, and business goals.

  • Outstanding Code Quality

    Our software developers follow agile development processes and lean startup methodologies to render a high-quality foundation for performance and customization.

  • Software Reliability

    We provide expert user research, rapid prototyping services, and rigorous quality assurance testing to diagnose and solve potential problems early in the product development lifecycle.

  • Deeper Customer Experiences

    We know how to enable your products to deliver high value to end-users by fulfilling their spoken and unspoken needs – while also serving you a competitive advantage.

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Our Work

See how our digital product development process has transferred into intrinsic value for our clients and their users.

Using Patient Journey Mapping to Design In-Person Experience and New Medical App

We worked with Children’s Wisconsin to define a new digital health experience for their patients: an integrated healthcare app for general and emergency care.

Thrivent's teal and magenta gradient over an image of seven students graduating.

Putting a dent in the student debt crisis

We worked with Thrivent Financial to develop a digital platform to help high school and college students achieve their dreams without debt.

Image of a customer swiping her credit card in front of a POS system tablet

Developing a no-nonsense banking app

Fulfill wanted to create an easy-to-use banking app that would help Gen Z users build a lifetime of smart financial habits.

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Hear from our clients

They challenged us in new ways. They gradually became a strategic partner, because they had a vested interest in the long-term success of the project. They helped us better and shape the product, instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do.

- CEO, Credit Union Firm

I was very impressed by the willingness of the team to dig deep and learn hard. We operate within a complex labyrinth of regulatory systems, and the team did a great job coming to speed in understanding the key stakeholders, their needs, and incentives that could align them.

- CEO, Medical Education Firm

When searching for someone to work with on this project, we talked to other companies. I liked that Highland was down-to-earth. They were invested in the project and wanted it to succeed as much as we did. I knew that I could trust them.

- Content Manager, Toy Manufacturer & Distributor
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