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Getting Started with Journey Mapping Guide

Getting Started with Journey Mapping

A comprehensive guide to creating your first journey map in just four weeks

Journey maps are very popular tools at the moment, and with good reason. They’re a simple, fast, and effective way to help a team understand the experiences that customers are having with an organization from the customers’ point of view.

However, like many “simple” things, doing a mapping exercise well can be quite a bit more complicated than it first appears. Journey maps are actually a category of tools, not a single exercise.

Once you get on board with the basic idea — “Let’s map our customer experience to understand the current state and design a better one” —there can be a bewildering amount of vagueness about what to do next.

There are some beautiful examples of map artifacts online, but how do teams get there? Highland has led many clients through the process of creating their first journey map. So we created a guide to help your team get started!

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