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Insurance Customer Experience Research & Software Development

Make customer experience your competitive differentiator

Modern customer needs, cutting-edge technologies, and global digitization are driving fast evolution across the insurance industry. Conquering business growth and market disruption means developing brand new value propositions that extend beyond insurance products and into your customer’s everyday well-being.

At Highland, our passion lies in using strategy and creativity as fuel to test boundary-pushing ideas that redefine the role technology plays in people’s everyday lives. We’ll partner with you across all stages – from research to conceptualization to UI/UX design and development – to ensure your people are at the heart of your products and services.

Turn Opportunity into Strategy with our Customer Research

We’ll partner with you to understand the unique needs of your current and new customer base, as well as growth opportunities across the industry. From there, we’ll help you verify whether your vision equates to profitability and value for you and your customers.

  • Understand the journey from multiple points of view – consumers, policyholders, providers, and more

  • Pinpoint key drivers for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

  • Learn varying customer behaviors to create personalized experiences or self-service options

  • Understand where your innovation initiatives should be focused to grow acquisition and improve retention

  • Locate areas of improvement based on competitive position, market gaps, and the insurance business ecosystem

  • Validate if new products and services meet important customer expectations and needs

  • Connect insights with business goals to craft a digital transformation strategy that improves health and safety outcomes

Design and Prototype your Insurtech Vision

We create customer-centric digital experiences, prototypes, and design systems that are rooted in customer data, research insights, and journey analysis. Our goal is to design for people, with purpose.

  • Visualize and ideate a software solution with all stakeholders before committing to development

  • Design for an optimal, system-wide omnichannel experience across all digital channels

  • Outline business and user requirements that will drive your UX architecture

  • Use UI and interaction design to form a clean, intuitive user interface

  • Design for multiple experiences across claims processing, insurance policy management, and customer service

  • Create product prototypes to test, refine, and solidify the critical functionality and features

Launch Modern Insurance Custom Software Solutions

We help insurance providers become more digital and agile by modernizing legacy software or building custom web and mobile solutions that meet your customers’ needs throughout the insurance lifecycle

  • Analyze, evaluate, and implement best-fit technology solutions for your current and future needs

  • Develop a solid solution and integration architecture that sets the foundation for future scalability

  • Build software that considers multiple user workflows across onboarding, education, and ongoing service

  • Ensure your new digital solution prioritizes security, accessibility, and a seamless user experience

  • Use proven testing techniques to guarantee your software meets performance goals and delivers success

Services we offer

With 22+ years of experience in the field, we know the challenges and requirements of insurance companies. See what we can do for you.

Design Research

To reach the best ideas and solutions, we first need to learn your users: their perspectives, real-world context, and behaviors.

User Research

We’ll help you identify and solve the right problems by understanding your users (how they think, feel, and act while using your product) to align user goals and business goals.

Market Opportunity Exploration

We assess existing technology solutions, uncover market gaps, and locate opportunities for revenue growth to solidify a strategy that promises long-term digital revolution.

Customer Journey Mapping

Observe and understand the steps users take as they complete hands-on tasks using your product or service over time.

Digital Strategy

Whatever your idea may be, we help you gain clarity on the big picture strategy it must have to deliver immersive virtual experiences that are distinct from what exists today.

Digital Experience Design

We design for every touchpoint and interaction, ensuring customers’ digital experiences are directly integrated with your brand’s promise.

Service Design

From designing new service models to internal business process efficiencies, we’ll enable you to deliver more desirable, meaningful experiences that bring your brand to life.

Digital Product Design & Development

We design and develop human-centered digital products that make online experiences transformative, business processes streamlined, and customer and employee connections stronger.

Web App Design & Development

Our design and development team craft interactive, beautiful, and performant web applications that are designed to meet specific needs of your business challenges and users.

Mobile App Design & Development

We develop scalable, reliable mobile applications that create consistent, user-friendly experiences.

SaaS Product Design & Development

We develop solutions that meet intricate business models, serve customers, and allow for flexible design, customization, and scalability.

UX/UI Design

We assess your platform, the market, your intended audience, and your ultimate goals to design layouts and interfaces that are clean, appealing, and promise outcomes.


Our team uses a wide variety of prototype concepts, allowing you to rapidly test and adjust product ideas and value propositions, as well as detailed components like functionality, messaging, and tone.

Product & User Testing

We provide quality assurance, product, and usability testing to ensure excellent performance and flawless user experiences.

API & System Integrations

Whether you’re migrating legacy systems, or connecting critical business systems together (like your CRM, ERP, and ecommerce site), we’re experts in architecting intelligent automation across efficient, unified systems.

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