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Pediatric ​​Patient Experience Design & Innovation Roundtable Series

A community for leaders shaping the experience of children and their families

Pediatric Patient Experience Roundtable

The patient experience (PX) is more important than ever before, from new customer expectations across digital health communications to improving quality of patient care to hospital payments tied to patient satisfaction surveys, and scores publicly reported.

As a leader of PX, innovation, and/or digital health at a children’s hospital, you are spending your time not only creating and changing patient experiences but also leading your hospital toward a new future, as a change agent and mentor. Reimagining PX in the physical and digital healthcare environments requires creating, teaching, evangelizing (and sometimes defending) a design-led, customer-centric, and digital-first approach.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Join us and a community of like-minded, passionate healthcare executives who are working to meet both mission and business PX objectives, designing with children and parents in mind, and building a new, holistic way of thinking at their hospital.


Our peer-led gatherings are built to give you insight and encouragement as you lead change. Get ready to share and learn with and from other experienced leaders and practitioners as we discuss topics chosen and prioritized by the group, around the intersection of digital health, patient experience, experience design, and leading in a complex healthcare environment.


Every leader in this space is learning in real time; no one has it all figured out. Through monthly gatherings and a private Slack group (instant messaging tool), you’ll be able to initiate conversations on areas where you want to gain perspective: research, design process, organizational design, team management, and anything else you bring to the table.


Make valuable connections with leaders that have similar values and goals. As part of the group, you will gain ongoing support, alternative ideas to problem solving, and links to talented people and partners that can assist your team.


  • Number of members: 15

  • Job Roles: Director-level or above leader currently in PX, innovation, digital health, or experience design in a children’s hospital based in the United States.

  • When: Meet 1x a month in October 2021 through January 2022.

  • Where: Monthly roundtable held virtually on Zoom. Ongoing communications available via Slack.

  • Cost: Free

  • Registration: Invitation only. Please contact us if you’d like to be considered for membership.