Oct 14, 2020 1 min read

Experiences That Matter: Episode 5. Game-Changing Insights (with Amrita Kulkarni)

"Hidden at the heart of every challenge lies a game changing user insight that needs an empathic search."

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Andriana Pachella

Andriana Pachella
Senior Business Solutions Consultant

Experiences That Matter is a Podcast from Highland that focuses on extraordinary people and their efforts to intentionally design experiences that contribute to human flourishing and make the world a better place.

Hidden at the heart of every challenge lies a game-changing user insight that needs an empathic search.

In our season one finale we talk to Design Strategist Amrita Kulkarni on how journey mapping and pivotal user insights led to a lightbulb moment (literally!) in a project to redesign street lights in a rural Mali.

Listen Now: Game-Changing Insights (with Amrita Kulkarni)

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