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We help people-first organizations innovate with discipline. We use our skills in CX strategy, product design, custom software, and CRM implementation to create digitally-powered journeys that help people grow.

Highland clients engaging with understanding their own customers.

Your Partner in Digital Experience

At Highland, we hold creativity and exploration in balance with discipline and focus. We're fiercely committed to keeping our clients' goals at the center of the work we do, because we know that's how great products and services are built.

While we do partner with select clients on a singular discipline, we love helping clients research, design, and build digital experiences. We believe the best products and services are created when we can partner with clients throughout the development process. We love to discover, design, and prototype, but nothing beats the opportunity to bring something wonderful into the world.

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Customer Experience

Working with our CX team will help you find the

Creating meaningful connections between your organization and the people you serve is Highland's core mission.

For organizations who are new to Customer Experience, we recommend getting started with one of these four foundational projects:

  • Design Sprint
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Jobs to Be Done Research
  • CX Roadmap
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“As competition and buyer empowerment compounds, customer experience itself is proving to be the only truly durable competitive advantage.”
Gartner Research

Product & Service Design

Highland's product team is dedicated to finely crafted technology, as represented by this illustration of gears.

We've helped test, validate, and build new products for over twenty years.

We use cost-effective methods, practical tools, and realistic guidance to help organizations make sure they're building the right thing before launching a new product or service.

Our validation process helps our clients:

  • Identify key risks
  • Understand low-risk ways to test their assumptions
  • Gather a basic understanding of the technical constraints impacting their product or service
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Mobile is daily becoming more central to customers experience, represented by this icon of a user using a mobile phone.

Custom Software

Our team of full-stack developers can build almost anything. And our talented product managers will make sure you're building something of value.

We build a wide range of digital products including:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Multi-tenant custom platforms
  • Revenue-generating digital products

We use rapid prototyping and agile processes to continuously build and test — which means that your software will keep getting better as we build.

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Pipeline performance analysis on a Highland-built SugarCRM platform.

CRM Technology

Whether you need to build a new CRM from scratch or are ready to take your customer experience platform to the next level of maturity, Highland's certified CRM experts are prepared to help you find the path for CRM growth that aligns with your strategic goals.

Highland has expertise with multiple CRM platforms, including SugarCRM and Salesforce. We partner with you to find the CRM that best aligns with your business needs, and then work with you to build it and train your team.

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Outsystems logo.


At Highland, we love working with the OutSystems low-code platform to help our clients build transformational technology to solve a wide range of business challenges.

Low-code development platforms automate manual tasks that are difficult and time-consuming. These visual, integrated platforms mean that businesses can upgrade technology systems in months — not years. This translates to reduced risk for your business, and a faster return on investment.

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