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A client being hands-on as we map out together all the things their custom software needs to do.

Creating meaningful connections

Creating meaningful connections between your organization and the people you serve is Highland's core mission.

We bridge the gap between your organization and your customers by helping you design and implement unique, meaningful experiences. Whether it's a new product or service, a piece of custom software, or improved CRM tools, we ensure that everything we do for your company starts with people-first, customer-centric thinking.

If your organization is looking to take its Customer Experience to the next level, we recommend getting started with one of these four options.

The 4 Foundations of CX

A Product Manager voting on a concept during a Highland design sprint exercise.

1. Design Sprint

In this week-long immersive process, we'll use design thinking to help your team reduce risk when bringing a new product or service to market.

Design sprint engagements are ideal for teams who:

  • Have a big problem to solve but an unclear solution (or too many solutions).
  • Want to be as efficient as possible while mitigating risk.
  • Want a structured way to organize and act on their best ideas.
  • Have heard about the power of design thinking and are looking to try it out.
The week-long Sprint already is delivering results. We expect to be able to apply the information and data we will gather in the first 6 months to create and implement a major membership program initiative in approximately 12-18 months. Without the kick start of the Sprint, that time frame would likely have extended into 2-3 years!
Karin Jaros
The Morton Arboretum
The journey map of a typical family visit to a Children's Hospital of Wisconsin emergency room, which was mapped by with Highland.

2. Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps provide your organization with a visual representation of the thoughts, feelings, actions, and touchpoints of a specific customer segment.

Customer journey mapping is ideal for teams who:

  • Come from established organizations who want to become more customer-focused.
  • Want to break down silos, and organize their actions & priorities around their customers.
  • Want evidence-based customer insights that will help their shape long-term strategic goals.
  • Want to be more innovative.
The customer journey mapping process gave us the ability to visually see the work that we do...The ability to take a step back and look at where we do well and where we have room for improvement was invaluable and re-energizing.
Dina Thachet
Make-A-Wish Illinois
A Highland client discussing Jobs To Be Done methodology with CX expert David Whited.

3. Jobs to Be Done Research

Jobs to Be Done research enables your team to capture customers needs and systematically identify opportunities for growth.

Jobs to Be Done research is ideal for teams who:

  • Are worried about being disrupted by or falling behind their competitors.
  • Want to reach new customers and retain existing customers.
  • Want to strengthen the alignment between their offerings and their customers’ subtle social and emotional needs.
  • Are feeling some stagnancy and confusion but are unsure what the root of the problem is.
Clients participating in a Roadmapping session led by Highland.

4. CX Roadmap

This strategic guide helps you define the experience you want to deliver to your customers and gives you a path for how to get there.

CX Roadmaps are ideal for teams who:

  • Want to clarify the customer experience they intend and gain tools to measure success.
  • Are led by newly-appointed CX leaders or have recently formed as a CX team and want to get off to the right start.
  • Want a concrete 90-day roadmap with actionable insights and a plan for how to put them into place.
  • Need to garner executive support and convince the organization of the ROI of CX.

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