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Image of a customer swiping her credit card in front of a POS system tablet

Fulfill: Building a no-nonsense banking app

Most money management tools are way too complicated. They fail to deliver a simple answer to a critical question: can I truly afford this purchase?

Fulfill wanted to change that.

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A teal Fulfill debit card and mobile view on the left, spendable monthly amount and a green debit card on the right. Fulfill mobile view, showing the current month's spendable income.


Fulfill is a startup banking company backed by Thrivent Financial Credit Union. After initiating the project with a large national firm, Fulfill recognized they needed to pivot. They halted the project and turned to Highland, seeking out our expertise in digital customer experience for financial services companies.


We used Jobs to be Done research methods to better understand Fulfill's young target audience. As we began to gather evidence, it was clear that Millenial and Gen-Z users wanted a simple, modern tool that would help them quickly and easily understand their finances.


In designing Fulfill, we wanted to build an app that didn't just make banking easy. We also wanted to establish life-long, healthy money management habits.

Creating categories of Committed and Spendable emerged as an onboarding tool that helped users understand how much money they truly had available. Committed expenses included Giving, Saving, Debt, Bills. Anything left over was Spendable.

This methodology allowed users to have a clear understanding of their finances, allowing them to confidently live within their means.

Fulfill 5-3-1 desktop, showing what is Spendable this month, a Monthly Money Plan, Monthly Committed, and Monthly Spendable

Fulfill's committed and spendable finance plan helped simplify money management so users could feel confident about their finances

Prototyping & Testing

To measure the success of Fulfill, we set out to pilot the app over a three-month period. Participants focused on the major financial decisions we make throughout the course of our lives that define how we value money.

We found that the Committed and Spendable framework helped users — some for the first time ever — to understand their own money story, which decreased stress and enabled them to more easily plan and reach for their money goals.

“Even though I know nothing had changed, I felt like I had more control over my finances than I had the hour before. I already felt some peace, just from using the app.”
Fulfill Pilot Participant
Fulfill Branding sample, with Buttons, Alerts & Banners, Sample Credit cards, all in Fulfill's color palette.

Highland built the Fulfill product from the ground up, designing everything from the buttons on the website to the debit cards connected to users' Fulfill accounts

“Highland challenged us in new ways. They gradually became a strategic partner, because they had a vested interest in the long-term success of the project. They helped us better and shape the product, instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do.”
Todd Sipe
President & CEO, Thrivent Federal Credit Union
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