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David Whited

Director, Design Research & Strategy

David Whited is the Director of Highland's CX Practice. David began formalizing his passion for experience design in a university setting where he led multiple teams of creatives and academics in the development of powerful institution-wide learning encounters for college and graduate students. While working at the university, David learned the hardest, most interesting and most valuable perspective to gain is the experience of the user or the customer and he began to cultivate the research skills necessary to learn what he needed to learn to solve the problems he needed to solve.

After ten years in a higher education setting, David transferred his creative energy, classroom facilitation skills and team development expertise into the world of product development at Highland. As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, David helped Highland make the shift from software development to product development by incorporating best practices from the worlds of Product Design, Lean Startup Practices, and Business Design into our engagements with clients. Today, David helps Highland’s clients figure out the most important problems to solve through gaining an outside-in view of their customer’s experiences.

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