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About Highland

The way we work and the results we produce come not just from our process but out of who we are. It’s a coming together of our passions, beliefs, fears, skills, and values—and how we unite them to fight for meaningful change that we believe in.

Highland exists to boost human flourishing.

We seek to deeply understand people in context, and then create, design, scale, and custom-configure digital products, experiences, and solutions that help them flourish. 

To accomplish this mission, we partner with individual organizations and convene cohorts around shared challenges in domains that impact some dimension of human flourishing. 

Who we are and
where we come from

Who we are is what sets us apart. We’re from intentionally diverse backgrounds and previous careers but don’t forget to honor our Midwestern roots by staying humble, working hard, and saying hi to our neighbors. 

When people work with us, they notice how we create space to be present, calm, and focused. How we work isn’t magic: we create small, skilled, empowered teams that work hand-in-hand with our clients, guiding them through our proven processes and teaching along the way. The way we work and the results we produce can’t be copied, because it comes not just from our process but out of who we are. 

Throughout our history, Highland has been committed to honoring the whole person. We’re an organization that recognizes and develops people who are motivated, live with integrity, and share our core mission of working for the good of other people.

  • 50%

    of Highlanders self-identify as women
  • 31%

    of Highlanders are people of color
  • $110k

    spent on professional development each year

Our values

We are a values-driven company and take pride in living by those values:

We're people first

What we make and how we make it should make it a little bit better to be alive: for us, our clients, and their customers.

See how

"They’re very personal, engaged, and they get the job done quickly. We came to them with the idea and they helped solidify the project and get it off the ground from concept to branding to financial planning to development and integrations."

– Dean of Program Development & Innovation at Northern Seminary


Give a damn

Our client's goals are our goals. We share the passion for the work you do and the impact it can have. We do work we can be proud of: quality is non-negotiable.

See how

"They were a dedicated partner from day one. They quickly formed an understanding of our market and target audience to help us design an impactful experience."

- Director of UX at Learning Sciences Company


Be curious

The big picture is everyone's responsibility. There is always more to learn, and we are generous in sharing what we know.

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"The team showed a lot of interest in the subject matter. They went above and beyond in terms of getting an in-depth understanding of our material in a way that maybe other firms don’t."

- Executive Director of Digital Health at Children’s Hospital


Be transparent

We're accountable to our clients and to each other, and respond to problems with solutions, not blame. Vulnerability, while risky, leads to trust and understanding.

See how

"I’ve dealt with different implementers and programs over the years. What sets Highland apart from competitors is that they’re more interested in what’s important for me. They’re interested in me as a business rather than me as a customer, which makes all the difference."

- VP of Sales at Barron Designs


Why Highland?

We help organizations create, design, scale, and custom-configure digital products, experiences, and businesses that help other people flourish. We believe that what we create should make it better to be alive: for us, our clients, and the people they serve.


years of experience

illustration of person sitting on mountain with hiking backpack
We’ve been around for a while

Since 1999, we’ve gained some valuable lessons on what not to do, how to fail well, and when to get out of the way.


Clutch star rating

We’re thoughtful and we genuinely care

We bring our whole selves to work—clients notice the authenticity with which we deliver impact that matters.


digital products launched

We get things over the line

We structure our work and teams for meaningful collaboration across disciplines and practice areas, building efficiencies that ultimately get stuff done.


repeat business

We cultivate long-term client relationships

For us, clients are more than just project sponsors, and are instead true partners and team members. Oftentimes, one-off projects turn into long-term relationships.

What we do

Whatever your challenge, one of our two divisions will collaborate with you to bring digital transformation to life.

Digital Innovation

Understand your customers & users. Build transformative digital products & experiences.

Highland’s Digital Innovation teams create and improve digital products and experiences using a unique, integrated approach across research, digital strategy, UX/UI design, and custom software development.

Business Solutions

Transform how you conduct business. Custom-configure your software platforms.

Highland’s Business Solutions teams conduct business management consulting, and designs, implements, and custom-configures our partner platforms (Creatio,, and SugarCRM).

How can we help?