How are your customers responding to COVID-19?

Many businesses and organizations are racing to adapt to the new world created by the global pandemic.

The research and design experts at Highland have been helping our clients adapt to changing environments for years and we’ve learned that the best way to increase confidence, focus adaptation, and mitigate risk around costly experiments is to start with lightweight, structured conversations with customers.

To help organizations adjust to their customers' changing needs during the coronavirus pandemic, Highland is offering a 5-day research engagement to provide affordable, expedited customer insight to organizations who need it right now.

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By the very nature of doing this research, we have a much better understanding of what our customers go through and what they’re working on. That was really valuable to us.
Deirdre Crowley
Global Marketing Director, Dow Chemical Group

Many entrepreneurial leaders skip research out of a desire to respond quickly to emerging situations, but we’ve learned that neglecting this important step almost always leads to wasted time and resources.

It is particularly painful to watch people skip the crucial step of research because our experience has taught us that the research effort is usually much, much smaller than people imagine it would be.

In fact, we find that 8-10 focused conversations between members of one customer segment and a skilled interviewer will reliably yield 80% of the insights leaders need to really understand their customers. We have also learned that these interviews, except in rare circumstances, can be conducted virtually.

We find that 8-10 focused conversations between members of one customer segment and a skilled interviewer will reliably yield 80% of the insights leaders need.
David Whited
Director, CX Practice, Highland Solutions

This research is designed to help digital innovation leaders:

Increase Confidence

In a rapidly changing world, it's difficult to make clear, focused decisions. Customer research helps digital leaders make data-driven decisions and innovate with confidence.

Focus Adaptation

Digital innovation leaders are always transforming, and right now we're being asked to move faster than ever before. Customer research helps you focus on what really matters to your buyers, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Mitigate Risk

Time and money have gotten even more precious in recent weeks. Acting on customer research will ensure that you're making investments in opportunities that will help your business thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The process helped dramatically decrease our risk in technology selection and got us pointed in the right direction as a new team. Had we not done this research, we likely would have invested money in the wrong sort of technology.
Christopher Neuharth
Director of Digital Health & Experience, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
CX experts Charissa Morgan and Florence McCafferty digging into CX work at the Highland offices.

About Highland's research team

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our passion for understanding people and varied professional experiences bring a rich context to our work and help us deliver powerful, holistic insights for the companies we serve.

Meet some of the members of Highland's research team

David Whited

Academic turned Jobs-To-Be-Done-champion and journey mapper

Charissa Shelton

Business strategist turned expert facilitator and interviewer

Daniel Santrella

Musician with who applies his artistic passion to understanding people

Florence McCafferty

Nonprofit administrator turned UX designer and research analyst

They’re genuine. I’ve worked with many consultants where that isn’t the case. They’re experts in their field, and the entire team is professional.
Bipin Jayaraj
Chief Information Officer, Make-A-Wish America

Our 5-day research engagement includes:

Day 1: Customer Segmenting & Recruiting

Our team will partner with someone in your organization to identify a customer segment to study and 8-10 customers to speak with.

Days 2 & 3: Customer Interviews

We will schedule and conduct customer journey interviews in order to uncover how your customers' needs have shifted during the pandemic.

Day 4: Data Analysis & Research Summary

After the interviews are completed, our team will analyze the data and compile it into Key Insights for your team.

Day 5: Interactive Design Session

Our researchers will lead a two-hour virtual meeting to review the Key Insights, working with your team to understand how best to respond.

We had five days of intense, valuable work. We ended up with an exceptional new product derived from their team’s problem-solving abilities.
Karin Jaros
Director of Membership, The Morton Aboretum

What's the investment?

  • Team: Two Highland researchers paired with a small group of key leaders from your team.
  • Time: One week (with a short preparatory meeting to start the week before). Your team will need to set aside 4-6 hours for working sessions.
  • Cost: $12,500 (including compensation for research participants)
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Get started with your 5-day research project

Highland is ready to provide your team with rich customer research as soon as possible.

Share a bit more about your research goals in the Message field here. Highland's President Jon Berbaum will get back to you within a business day, and can set up a call to talk about next steps.

We'll use what you share to recommend the best approach to getting started. Most projects go live within 3-5 days after the contract signs.

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